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just do what you're told.

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2012

i get that jumping thru rescue's hoops can be a pain in the ass..but honestly we have the hoops for a reason.

like today..i wasn't really all that happy to be taking in three more pigs..i was a bit frustrated with the original rescue folks who due to their inexperience with pig rescue really didn't have a workable plan..i was really frustrated with janice whose answer to the whole upside down thing was to screw it and just do it herself..( are supposed to be resting and recovering so you can get back to WORK SOON!!!!)
so when i was talking to the rescue folks setting up the plan for today..i probably came off sounding like a bit of a prima donna demanding bitch...

and here was all i wanted...tell the guy to be here at noon sharp..cuz i am working and have to settle them on my lunch break...and i told them to make sure the female was seperate from the unneutered males in a crate during transport. two simple things that i am sure were passed on to the owner who just didn't feel like listening.

so he shows up at 1130..and says he can't wait for me. the volunteers haven't clue what to do with the pigs...cuz i didn't bother to tell anybody. so not only do all three end up together in the back of his van but they all end up together in same pen in the shop..just what i want is a pregnant pig.

plus the volunteers were horrifed to witness the dragging of the terrified female across the shop floor by her back feet. when they said to stop it..he said that is how you move pigs..well everyone knew that is not how we move pigs at saints.

grhhh..if people would just listen and do the simple things we ask them to do things would be way easier in rescue.

anyway..poppy the female was pretty traumatized..she was hiding under the hay and shaking when i got home...we seperated her from the boys and fed her some strawberries and bananas and she is better now..not so afraid.

the boys didn't have i have named them jeremy and joshua..josh is the bigger and braver of the two.

i was thinking there is something odd looking about these pigs and when janice came out tonight to see them..she said it is because they are part feral pig..not just your average pots. and it looks to both of us like poppy is the boys mom...same kind of breeding altho maybe he got them from the same place i suppose.
anyway..janice is thinking because they look part one is going to want to adopt (they are not your typical cute potbelly..these guys are taller, rangier looking and lean) so she is going to do some reno's and switch arounds at her place and make room for them there.
yay for me..not so much for her! was too bad that the guy just couldn't follow my bitchy request and be here at 1200 sharp cuz those little pigs wouldn't have been so traumtized by their sudden change in circumstances if i had been here to assist with their arrival...what a freaking upsetting arrival all around because he was too much in a hurry to wait 30 lousy minutes? honestly...what's the freaking rush?

so saints welcomes our temporary shop guests..all three are very sweet pigs..poppy, jeremy and josh...welcome to saints you guys...sorry it was a scary beginning.

jeremy (?)

josh (?)


tx for the photos already janice!!!!



Maggie C
I know my job is doing mounds of laundry on Saturday morning but I almost hit the guy with a wet sheet when he started dragging screaming Poppy along the shop floor! Very upsetting for us but way more so for this poor pig who had been shoved into a van, driven for miles then mishandled in a strange place. Disgusting.


dont worry janice, we all know its worth it to give these three a chance. yet another example of how stupid is just as dangerous as mean.

Janice Gillett

I have seen a lot of pigs and the boys really shocked me.. so freaking skinny. Hips bones sticking out and bare to the bone spines. So obvious they are boars as one can see this in the face when not altered but the lack of food for these kids has made them look like some rare breed. They have the look of a feral cross as those long legs are not a characteristic of a pot bellied pig.

Poppy with a few words let me pet her when she was laying down and she did tremble for a minute as I saw the hay shake . And with quite unhurried movements imy reassuring her it was okay and a gentle touch she rolled over for a belly rub.

All three pigs take treats so very gentle… sigh…

Thank you Carol and sorry to you and everyone there for the added challenge in your days there. They really are sweet pigs , contrary to what they look like right now ;o((