Rescue Journal

NICE barn bedtime!!!!

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2012

A..their dinners were all ready for them...B. the cows are happier and more settled since we quit fighting with them over which hay they can eat. C. i let the baby pigs out for a run in the upper field while i was handing out dinners and that kept them cheerfully busy and content and there was not even one second of starving screaming.

the new pigs are doing ok except jeremy would not eat dinner tonight..i made him get up which upset him and then he just reburied himself back in the hay ignoring his dinner bowl right in front of him. hmmm..this worries me a bit. we will see if he eats breakfast and if not...janice! i am calling you!!!!

i came home early two of what i think is a sinus headache. tonight i will ditch the advil and try a sinutab and see if i feel better.

we have a new volunteer..his name is bob (welcome bob!) and he is taking over some of the gardening and yard work around here. i noticed tonight when coming in from the barn that the memorial garden looks very nice and neat and tidy...yay! it really bugs me when it is all bedraggled and neglected looking..i feel like we are not taking good care of our past loved and now deceased animals. anyway, it looks great in there tonight, especially that sweet little splash of spring flowers..thank you bob!!!and thx to everyone else who gave up a big chunk of their weekend to care for the animals here..everyone is quiet and content tonight from such great loving and fun guys totally ROCK!

ok..i need hot bath, i need to finish off the last load of laundry, do the meds and head to bed..maybe it will be good night..maybe not but i will try to give myself as much opportunity to sleep well as i can.

oh and zoe..thank you so much for the sandwich..super kind, considerate and sweet of you... but lets be honest...i ain't eating it. i am an ungrateful wretch....i can't eat modern weird healthy food..blech!...i cannot identify one single kind of food in there..except for maybe the feta cheese which i think might not be real feta cuz you are vegan i think?what the heck is that thin sliced red doesn't look like a tomato???? is there tofu somewhere in there? in my books tofu isn't even a real food.
not to worry... i will not waste it... i will find some brave hungry soul to give it to...i bet brad and ellie would love half each for a special lunch snack tomorrow if that is ok with you?

sorry to be a big picky baby but i only like really simple basic foods..(like lettuce, tomato, cucumber,onions, cheese...) you know basic things that a food moron can recognise ..not wierdo giant sagahashi mushrooms or whatever you call those giant fungal mushroomy things that hip and healthy people eat instead of burgers (i am pretty sure i saw some of that mutant mega mushroom somewhere in there too?!!!) did look and smell really good but i still ain't eating it...i just can't eat food i don't know well and understand...odd but true.



Oh wow that sandwich sounds delish.... You are crazy to pass that up Carol! Give it a chance ;-)


OKAY- there were roasted red peppers, zucchini, red onion, roasted garlic, portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, with homemade sundried tomato lemon mayo... on focaccia bread. It's delicious lol and it is real feta and mayo ;) I forgot you hate anything healthy I should have just brought mini eggs and toast! How silly of me! Haha just kidding. I know for next time. Could you at least eat the potato salad? Sorry if you went hungry.. it does taste like pizza though.


oh zoe bring carol a tuna sandwich or corn bread or something that is pretty plain. nice thought though and carol i love those portabello mushrooms i do have them in place of hamburgers they are deicious you can stuff them and who does not love feta cheese. you lol. bambi is sleeping a lot lately maybe just the quiet and the walks. saw erin and bear today for a walk. take care see you soon.


Carol, did you locate the paperwork for the trailer yet. I got an interested enquiry today. I just want to make sure you have your paperwork in order once we start to show the trailer.


Carol, did you get the most recent edition of McDonald's coupons? Brent wants to know if all the foods you love start with Mc? McSandwich, McPop, McHagen Das. McKD.
All of the guys seemed in good spirits today, Percy helped Brent fix the doors. He licked his neck giving him a Percy massage while Brent was using the circular saw. Joy and Emily helped me clean around Ellie Mae in the cow barn. Chewy got to eat Pete's granola bar. Brad helped me fluff and redo his bedding while playing with a stuffy football.


carol id like to grab the big folding tables and the saints sign next weekend in prep for helgas yard sale the weekend after is that ok? will return to saints sunday the 18th.