SAINTS Amazing Raise Pub Night-Get your tickets!

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2012

Just 3-weeks until the SAINTS Amazing Raise Pub Night on Saturday March 24th, don't miss a great night to support senior animals: get your tickets now and/or make a pledge (tax reciepts for donations of $25 or more).

You can make a pledge and/or purchase tickets through Pay Pal (just note what it is for) or email to inquire about mailing in a cheque or purchasing tickets at SAINTS.

Thank you for supporting SAINTS rescue.


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i already had some really nice items that my friend had given me but i can save them for the fundraiser if you want.


Hi Caylee

The tickets are in the office in a white letter size envelope. They are in strewn basket (marked Sheila) on the desk. You can pick up the tickets and leave the money in that basket. You can leave the dog basket on the mp room desk. I am coming out on Sunday.

Lynne - I did get your message but I couldn't make out the phone number sorry. I think I am doing okay for auction items. The volunteers are already raising money for the pub night I don't want you to also worry about getting silent auction items. About 40 tickets are sold.


I need 4 tickets and I will have a dog themed basket for the auction. I can drop off the basket and pick up / pay for the tickets when I am out Sunday if that's ok with you Sheila.


For you Jenn...anything ;-)

But I just realized I have it backwards .. $2000k gets Carol a week away from SAINTS during the day..every day and I will personally drive her out somewhere..kick her out of the car & tell her I will be back to pick her up at 6:30..after the barn guys have done to bed. I can pick a different location everyday..3000k will get me a head shave.. come on..I have a funny shaped head so everyone will get a good laugh..and we all need a good laugh once in a while.


Mo what is I donate $5000 (I don't have it) but lets say I did? Would you get a tattoo, shave your head and looks after SAINTS for a week? :)


Come on Barn Loving Blog readers.. we need your help. I am not too proud to beg readers to assist us in this endeavour.. I will even offer up some sort of gimmick like... if blog readers can come together & donate $1000 .. I will get a tattoo raise $2000 and I will shave my head raise $3000, I will take a week off work when Carol is off & kick Carol out of SAINTS ( only during the day though)

Bring it on.. we need your help !!!

Pay Pal Team Barn Thanks Mooo um I mean Mo


how is it going sheila. i left you a message on your phone asking if you still need items for the auction please let me know thanks how many tickets have you sold. hopefully lots. i still need to pick mine up on sat.