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so after a REALLY busy day at work...

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2012

today ended far.

the vets came out and checked out jeremy cuz he quit eating yesterday..they said he is fine and not to worry so i guess he was listening because he ate his dinner..was perky and bright and outgoing when i got home and came over to me to get an apple for dessert.... yay jeremy, saints lots and well!!!

my backyard looks quite nice with the chicken coops and monsterous manure pile gone..sigh...too bad i have to keep going to finish the plan..i kind of like it how it is now!
damn plan.

looks like we are taking on that 15 yr old BC/yellow lab cross out at CAC..trina said there was a woman interested in fostering him but i wasn't keen on starting with a new and unknown foster cuz i had already nixed that plan BUT when she contacted me, i found out that i knew her quite well..she used to be a vet tech at one of the clinics i used years ago before saints.

anyway..i ok'ed the the plan and trish will head out to chilliwack to see if buddy2 will mix well with her geriatric crew. if not... he will probably come here and maybe we will pick one of our guys here to send to her instead.

so many freaking old homeless dogs trying to find a safe place to go. sheila is going to check out 2 dogs in surrey that i asked her to go to see. their elderly owner has gone into hospital with a hip fracture and will probably be sent on to facility care. i know nothing about these dogs except they are supposedly friendly and big..a friend is going to the empty house to let them out and care for them every day. they will have to be pretty rock solid and easy to get along with the other dogs for me to take on right now..but if they are then we will give them a chance if we can.

odie is an oaf..he is flinging around a pillow dog bed cuz he thinks it is toy..geezus odie, quit hitting benny in the head with it, you are pissing him off!!!

fergus is doing a bit better on his new meds...
the question becomes what happens when they finished. he goes back in for repeat bloodwork in 2 weeks to check his albumin levels.
marvin goes back in 2 weeks to recheck his mouth and for another convenia injection.
pete needs his bloodwork repeated late next week to see if he is still vitamin deficient and if we should keep giving the injectible vitamins.
jesse has his new ear and oral meds and we will be starting amber the bunny on oral meds tomorrow as well.

and i THINK that is all of the recent news.
(now i have to do some shit for jenn that she has been bugging me for three weeks to do..she only tolerates my procrastination for so long!)


Janice Gillett

awwwwwwww Jeremy is the sensitive one and had fallen into depression i bet from being moved away from all they he knew was safe ... !!