SAINTS Amazing Raise: Team Main House

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2012

There are only three-weeks left to collect and make pledges for the The SAINTS AMAZING RAISE March pub night fundraising event.

Here are the current standings and totals: Barn total $615; MP room total $382; Main house total $385

We need your help! Blog readers and saints supporters can donate to their favorite animal area and I will be telling you why to support each area.

Today I will tell you why you should pledge to the MAIN HOUSE TEAM:

The Main House is a multi animal area building where the saints get to experience a more home-like (no-cage or pen) environment. They get to hang out in the kitchen, lounge on couches and over a dozen of the more well behaved saints get to be "bed buddies" and sleep on a king sized bed with Carol every night and frequently watch movies. For many of our saints this is the closet thing they will ever get to having their own home. Some lucky saints get a second chance and are adopted by a great family. But for those that don't never get adopted, especially the diabetics, SAINTS is a warm, safe place where they can receive proper medical care and feel loved and valued from the SAINTS staff and volunteers who clean their home and care for them on a daily basis.

The main house is home to 55 cats and dogs divided into 6 animal areas. The house animals include such famous saints as Mystic the firework palliative puppy, squirt and andy the puppy mill survivors. In the main house resides four diabetic animals; three blind/diabetic dogs: angel, griffin and odie and oliver a diabetic cat. At 2 insulin injects a day this works out to 240 insulin pokes per month. Per month the insulin for these five animals costs SAINTS $150. Canned cat and dog food for this area is $600 per month and cat litter is $100 per month. We also have 2 Cushings dogs and their Lysoden alone costs $100 per month. These costs are in addition to operational costs and other medical and daily medicine costs for each of the animals. Each animal that comes in, needs several vet examinations, blood work and often surgery such as mammary tumor removal or dental, geriatric spay or neuters as well as ongoing meds for chronic medial conditions. In summery, the house is a high cost, high population area and needs your support. Please pledge to help senior animals.

You can make a pledge through Pay Pal (just note that it is for team house) or make a donation by dropping it off to SAINTS or mailing a cheque to Sheila Kullar (just email for an address). Only donations of $25.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you for supporting SAINTS rescue.


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Mila Nikolich

The pay pal link isn’t working for me either. I used the paypal link on the donation page of the Saints webpage. Donated for the House Team.

Janice ter Borg

The pay pal link isn't working for me. I ended up going to the SAINTS webpage and using the paypal link on the donation page. Donated for the MP House!


go house team go. still have not heard from you sheila if you need more items for the auction or how the ticket sales are coming. thanks


the letter is done and the accountants have it to go with your ROE when it is ready and sure come on up onn friday..that would be great.


Hey Carol, can you remeber to have my refrence letter by friday and was wondering and i come in friday for a few hours of volunterr work? thanks