Rescue Journal

today was a day....

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2012

like any of those where you are busy and on the go from one thing to another and here i am 12 hours later and what the heck did i actually do?

i have no freaking idea.

janice and her helpers were here at 7 am to load up the boys for their neuter. they are now done and already back at her place settled into their new permanent home. they came back for poppy this afternoon so she has gone on to her new life at heartsonnoses now too.

all i can say is super nice pigs but thank god and whew!

lyle is 3/4's finished the excavating work so that is good. it might be a couple of days yet til he is fully done cuz he has another job to do somewhere else tomorrow...fine with me..i know folks need to grab work where ever and whenever they can. it is far enough along out there that a couple of days break on this side is ok.

the framing for the cement pad is supposed to begin tomorrow and maybe the slab will get poured on saturday..fingers crossed this will be cuz then we can start the actual building early next week.

one of the spca managers that i like a lot and work with a fair bit popped by for a visit today. i like her cuz she is honest, realistic and really does care about animals. now i am not stupid i know that she likes me too but driving thru mission to a meeting in maple ridge is a god given good opportunity to stop in say hello and check in to make sure i haven't gone completely loonie tunes.

and good for her for taking the time because 3/4's of our animals are from spca shelters and they should ensure periodically that everything is ok.
because here is the thing...

saints is an shouldn't all...not in anybody's books.

if anyone told me a woman had almost 140 rescued animals living on her little three acre farm ..i would say the woman is nutz and those animals probably need rescuing from her. and what really MAKES it nutz is that here at saints... i actually live here, with them..side by side.

if this was just a unique and different kind of old and wrecked animal communal shelter facility where i locked up the doors and headed home every night..maybe it would not seem quite so nutz. but that is not what it is..this is not only their home, but my home as well...and by our current societal standards..that is just plain freaking weird.
so really....who actually lives with all of these rescued animals ...a crazy person?

or another anomaly?

i don't know why this place actually works...i can't even tell you how we manage to do it. but no one can deny...the place is clean, neat and tidy (by noon everyday..aand it takes a lot of hardworking people to get it that way!!!)..and despite all of the incontinent animals...the place doesn't smell gross unless manny just had a bowel movement..then it does smell grosser than gross! our animals receive appropriate and ongoing medical care..everyone looks and feels decent, even the ones that are supposed to be dying. the animals are bright and cheerfully interactive with each other and the visitors here. the animals have clean comfy beds, treats and toys.
yes there are too many, which can be overwhelming for people but the animals actually seem fine with what is the problem?

the problem is it doesn't make shouldn't why is it???

i don't know.... but i know that even tho the spca staff like me and really do respect the work we do here...i might make them a little bit nervous..and they should be nervous cuz i run pretty damn close to the crazy line.
shit man...i make myself nervous sometimes.

but the fact of the matter we are still ticking along pretty ok..even if really we shouldn't be.

and that is the thing about anomalies..they are hard to figure out and define..i live here and i can't figure it out or define it except to say.. i like the animals and they like me and somehow we live here together in a relatively harmonious family...(except for when odie is in one of his rabble rousing moods!)

anyway..i bet we were a bit overwhelming today with all of the dogs stuck in the house and i asked her if she had any concerns about the animals or the care they were getting and she said no.."but i do worry about you."

that is probably a really good idea cuz who the hell can know or predict what an anomaly might actually do?!
i worry about me sometimes too!

speaking of anomalies..big time crippled manny has been up and down off the couch like 4 or 5 times today all on his own...i guess today you can get up when you feel like it and walk to the couch and climb up on your own manny? that is good to why are we breaking our backs trying to lift you??



Sometimes there miracles really do happen - SAINTS is a miracle that happens every day. All I can say is thank you, Lord & if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


One of the many reasons it works is because you know it's not about you, it's about the tehm. You don't compromise yourself or them for politics, other's ignorant opinions, or to win a popularity contest.