Rescue Journal

too shorts (the cats are all sleeping and not being funny right now.)

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2012

manny is a big dog...he is a LONG dog and he is currently taking up 90% of the couch. poor odie is curled up and squished onto the remaining 10% (his curled back is hanging over the front edge!) i am pretty sure if i sit here at the computer long enough..i will get to watch him fall off.

june and mystic drove me off of my bed..they are still playing and i was getting tired of being hit in the head with june's flopping foot.

fergus is a brave little bugger..june jumped up on the bed with the big stuffed snoopy toy hanging from her mouth..fergus grabbed hold of it and wouldn't let go and he growled thru the stuffy til june finally gave in and let him win.

manny's giant kitchen prime time floor bed is currently held solely by one little dog...trudi has parked herself right in the middle of it and tess, squirt and odin are surrounding the front and sides of it... all laying on the cold and hard floor. my thought is each of them are just patiently waiting for her to get hungry or thirsty or have to go pee..and then there will be a three way rush for it as soon as trudi gets up and leaves.

i forgot to tell you my somewhat sad but funny from last night. i terribly disappointed ewok. i was eating cadbury chocolate mini easter eggs while watching "idol" and i was sharing them with the dogs..(don't start on me about dogs eating chocolate..these guys get little bits of MILK chocolate fairly frequently and no one has died yet (too bad really because when you think of it, what a nice way to go!)

anyway it was dark in my room except for the tv and i wasn't really paying attention to who i was feeding..whatever new mouth was in my immediate the next treat. when they were all gone and a commercial came on..i noticed ewok sitting patiently behind the more pushy crowd and she didn't get any.
i said i was sorry but i didn't have any more on me. i turned off the TV and climbed into bed.
10 minutes later ewok for the very first time in all of the time she has been here, actually climbed up the stairs all by herself without any encourgement or boosts from me and onto the bed. and she sat herself down in front of me and looked down at me directly in the eye.."where is my mini chocolate cadbury easter egg???..i want one too!"

ohhh, shit...poor fuzzy baby noticed she was missed too.

"look ewok..i'm sorry..i don't have any more right now and i am not getting up again." jerry was in his safe spot (ie safe for the other dogs) flattened up against the small of my back on the far right side of the bed where he couldn't reach out and bite anyone...daphne was already snuggled under the blanket against my chest..joey was under the same blanket down by my knees, mystic and june were quiet and just starting to settle for sleep, tina and mini me were on the pillows up by my head..i simply could not get up again and disturb would take half an hour to settle them all again.
i rubbed ewok's chest and finally she too laid down and went to sleep and i bet she was longingly dreaming about chocolate easter eggs.

anyway telling you that story reminds me i owe her a candy tonight so i better take one with me when i go back into my room but no one else is getting any cuz my stash is getting pretty damn low.

hah..and odie just fell off the couch! what a dumbo..he went right back up in exactly the same spot!



hi lynn..sheila answered in oneof the threads below..there are still tickets available and we have enough silent auction items now.


Carol, I'm feeling sick to my stomach so I'm still coming in but I'm gOing to wait until 9, and take some anti-nauseous pills and hopefully I'll feel better. See you in a bit.


Ewok has the best dog manners in the world, Smokey too, always with the soft mouth, they are such great dogs.

Wendy Scott

Carol, oh so funny and you deserved the ewok look. Glad to hear she finally settled on the bed with you. So spoiled, my little princess Ewok.