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quite the day....

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2012

we took new buddy-boy out for a field run with the other dogs in the rain...he did ok! he is handling the stress of a new place pretty good today.

the trio of old pets from the elderly lady who is going into care arrived today (these are the ones that sheila went to meet last week.) i have set lea and sam up in the shop for now. super nice but super BIG dogs (lea is a 12 yr old st.bernard cross and sam is a 10 yr old newfie cross and both are quite obese.) we just don't have room in the house right i think they would be overwhelmed. we will start them out in the shop and get them used to hanging out with the barn chore dogs and when they are comfortable with all of the other dogs and decide they would like to move to the house..they will be more than welcome to move in. but it will be their decision. i asked their caregiver if he thought they would be ok with this and he said it i better than what they have now and certainly euthanizing either of them would have been a total shame. so i guess we will just work hard to make everything come together for them as quick as we can...but i do want them out of the is ok for a temporary solution but not for long term.

there is also a very elderly and not too healthy looking cat named Zsu-Zsu..she is 17 yrs old and is starting out in a medical room pen but my plan is to eventually move her and maybe one other elderly cat friend (like cocopuff) up to the suite...i can' t see either of them being adoptable so i would like to give them a nicer and more "normal" feeling home for whatever time they have left.

trudi went home as a foster dog with dawn today...rumple is going with maggie next week (once maggie's dog frisk is settled with her newly diagnosed diabetes.) desi the cat was adopted today so that was great!!!

sigh..three going out, three coming in...we are so stuck in the revolving door syndrome.

manny and buddy-boy are both up and sharing the couch right now....yay. has just stopped raining so maybe i won't get soaking wet putting them all to bed. and i think today is the day the clocks move forward?..i will have to try to remember that or i will be all screwed up tomorrow morning!

and..the vet just called...bert and ernie's new home is ready so he and the kids are coming by this afternoon and they too will be moving to their new home...YAY!



I responded to an email from Ann on Friday and I might it sent it too late because it went to her work email. Ann if you see this I will be at the MP room at 12 noon.

Janette Korabo

Oh, I`m so sad that Bert is gone! I`ll miss the little bugger! lol


So happy to hear about Desi. She's a great cat, one that stole my heart.
I'm going to miss carry her on my shoulders. There's been a couple of times I almost walked out of her area with her still around my neck.


hey maggie...just split the difference... a half an hour either way doesn't make much difference.


With the hour going ahead does Friskie still get her insulin injection at 6:30am or!
I feel there are going to be a lot of 'firsts' until we get confident.
Yes Brent, we get to have Rumple and can hardly wait. We just need to get the household back on an even keel and Friskie feeling better.


Lucky lucky Rumple and lucky lucky Maggie. I love this dog. He is wonderful. He's adorable. If I could have a dog he would be on the top of my list. I will miss him at the barn, but am ecstatic that this sweetheart will have a forever home.


yep move the clocks ahead 1 hour tonight. the dogs in the shop are really very cute. but i love big dogs and these are big dogs. although benny still takes the prize on that one. forgot to get my ticket and leave my donation for the house team. will come up during the week and do that. i do have some auction items that are really quite nice, but i think y ou said you already had enough. could save them for the big fundraiser tho. buddy boy also seems like a really nice dog too. so glad for trudi and dawn. way to go.