Rescue Journal

i am pretty sure that i really do not want to go back to work yet tomorrow!

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2012

tammy and i went out for chinese food after i put the barn guys to bed..i just needed to get out of here today for a bit. i don't count my morning shopping trip to stupid store..where i spent 200 bucks on canned cat and dog food and fruit for the barn. trips there always piss me off..todays cashier proceeded to tell me that he didn't like when people bought prime cuts of meat for their dogs..i wonder if he cared that i bought prime quality apples, bananas and strawberries for our horses and pigs. and then off to the feed store to overburden my poor van with a ton of feed and another almost $500 $650 just for a full weeks worth of canned cat/canned dog/cat litter and barn animal feed....yikes the total i put out today almost killed me!

anyway..everyone survived my hour out for dinner tonight...2 more loads of laundry to put thru and then i can have a hot bath.

i felt really bad dragging lea and sam out for a quick walk before i put them to bed..they are so overweight and i think pretty sore and not used to the activity level around here. i did take the opportunity of having them up to thicken up their beds with more quilts...if i have time tomorrow on my lunch break, i will look around for some foam mats to put under their beds.
they are pretty tired tonight and after i fed them dinner they both went right straight back to their beds.

maybe all of us are dragging our butts tonight cuz of pushing the clocks up ahead???

i think i need three more time adjustment days off to realign the clock in my body and head.


francesca Wilson

Hi Carol, this Wednesday should be our day to come to SAINTS. We are away so it will be next Wednesday, the 21st.
Thank you, francesca and Marie