Rescue Journal

yesterday..i actually felt like wonder-woman..

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2012

bright..alert...competent...capable. not so much. i actually don't have too many days like that was nice for a change.

yesterday...the staff had problems with buddy-boy and odie..i said to seperate..odie in the kitchen, buddy in the computer room. i think everything went ok after that. when i got home i opened up the door between the two rooms and just let everyone go where ever they want.
that worked ok for me but...i think the issue is actually odie.
he is pretty spastic and a busy body until late afternoon..he gets trigger happy with buddy-boy and buddy boy gets trigger happy right back. once it gets later in the day..odie settles and does get quite a bit calmer. by the time i am around to hang out with everyone the quick draw mcgraws are mellowing out.

anyway..both of them were really good again last evening for me...too bad i can't just sit here in this very comfy computer chair 24/7 and babysit the two of them..but someone has to work to pay the mortgage.

i told both of them to quit being day time dumb ass goofs.

well there is still a lot of zzzz'ing going on around here...sadly i am not one of them. i am working on my own again for the first hour and a half today so i better get dressed and not be late for work.

odie and buddy...(insert carol's scary voice here)...BE GOOD.



As long as you are alive and kicking!
Could you leave a copy of both books in the office for me to pick up tomorrow?


ooops..sorry was the excavator wanting a cheque..then mo arrived..then it was meds/diabetics and time to watch THE VOICE before bedtime.

i suck...sorry...again!


You may not be feeling great but at least I know you are alive. Saying 'There's someone here, I'll call you right back' and then.....nothing, tends to get my imagination going.