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you know....

Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2012

trying to come up with a decent list of about 10 relatively adoptable dogs around here...ain't all that easy.

we have been invited to bring 5 of our dogs into vancouver for 2 local tv shows to help promote adoptions for them.

the spca cruelty/neglect dogs are out..their previous owners might see them and i will end up with a headache dealing with them if they try to get the animals back...and right now that is the largest population of animals here. i can't send total donuts like griffin or odie..blind, hysterical, occasionally biting, diabetic dogs will probably turn the studio upside down if they get stressed. i can't send new buddy-boy cuz he ain't ever getting back in my car unless he has to go to the vets (shudder..his app't is next week...please someone shoot me!) no one is even going to want to see the incontinents that flood the floors like esther or shane..or dogs like manny who are just too much freaking hard heavy work...gawd and can you imagine if i sent dick heads ed or puff daddy or jerry or jesse?..they would get booted out for sure.

anyway..i did manage to pull a list of possibles together..but all 10 still have issues that make them not really highly adoptable. i am thinkng i was nutz just to take in the ones that no one wants.... you know why? cuz no one wants them!
makes it hard to find appropriate somewhat adoptable animals around here to feature for adoption on tv.



"All" you lady's are nuts. I SOOOO want to read the blog that the animals from Saint's would write if they could. I wonder what would be said about all the crazy two legged creatures walking around their house and yard. That would be a very hysterical read.


omg that is right i remember bruiser but could not connect brutus. yeah i am not going nuts come on brenda a little apology would be nice. and yes i can name all the big dogs cause they are all big and look different and dont all look like the same dog. whoohoo i am not nuts. ooh it was cold out today did not feel like walking but bambi demanded her walk so off we went. had fun tho.


omg... Bruiser, sorry, like i said, the dementia is contagious. That's why you didn't know the dog Lynne, I had the wrong name! I'll stop while I'm ahead now.


bruiser (...brutus was a cat) can't go...cruelty seizure AND he bites people and other dogs when stressed.
hilda can be a hag with new people and puff daddy will pretty much bite anything or anyone when he is pissed off..

i thought about bambi but unless she has been groomed in the last five minutes, she always looks is from that LONG tongue and drippling water and other crap down her chest!

not taking bea tammy..i couldn't afford the damages when she starts climbing up and knocking over the billon dollar tv cameras.

i am chuckling here..these guys all seem pretty great to us...BUT....would you guys like me to write a list of the other 28 dogs who can't go and why?

please say no...thx.


Yeah, but Lynne, you always know the names of the BIG dogs tho!!! You know, Brutus - another shitzu mix, dark gray, a little bigger than Jedi and Yoda - (oh, never mind, you don't remember them either!)


is he the little black one in the kitchen that had something removed so has the shaved patch


there is tooooo many of those lookalike little dogs around there lol yes brenda i was thinking of the 2 that went home on the open house day and yes i will remember to come on the sunday for you. i sometimes think i am not too great at remembering things like all the names of all the little dogs.


You should consider taking Bea. She's a spunky gal and I bet she would find it quite the adventure. Not too mention she would enjoy the studio as a new playground.


what about Bambi I think she was a stray but my memory could be going too


Not to worry....I know the way! Every time I come up for air I'll make sure you're heading in the right direction.


i am mentally allergic to electronic directional devices erin.

the little twosome were sidney and hootie.


Dawn- The first week Trudi was here she would stand at the gate to the back cat room and bark non stop. Then I would come out of one of the rooms to say hello and she'd stop. Then as soon as she couldn't see me she would start barking incessantly again. Next week, she didn't care at all anymore and I haven't heard her bark since. She's a funny little one.


If you are going to urban rush - I would be nervous. I had to drive down there and I didn't like driving down there at all.


carol i have a gps thing, wanna borrow it? only shitty thing is it doesnt see new stuff (like the frickin golden ears bridge)


Lynne, you're probably thinking of the other 2 little shitzu's that were adopted out together last year - Sidney and ?? (now I've forgotten the little girl's name too). Oh Lynne, the memory loss is contagious! Oh, and that would be great if you can come on Sunday for me on the Pubnight weekend - and I'll come Saturday to SAINTS. Thanks a lot (Can you remember that?)


hi sherie...papa john is a cruelty seizure.
hi lynne... yep yer nutz cuz they are both here.

lol you guys are funny..the five we are taking each time are the EASY-PEASEY dogs..the only thing i am worried about is going over the pitt river bridge and getting lost in the urban jungle, never to be seen again...for that i will need advil!


I agree with exposure for Saints & that the cats would hate being in a cage for a trip from Mission to Vancouver. Yes Odie is cute and has a TV face, But his demeanor and hyper/crazy nature would not be acceptable by many other then Carol =)

That's just my two cents worth


I have taken foster dogs into the global news before, usually moms and pups or one adult dog. Many have been unsocialized puppy mill moms. The idea of taking 5 adult dogs anywhere makes my head spin. I think
alcohol or drugs should be in your purse, for you not
the dogs. That said, there are crazy people
out there, that have taken in my crazy dogs before. I
keep in touch with most of them and they would not have
seen or heard of them without the exposure of tv. It is
good exposure for Saints as well.

jamie bryk

I think Odie would be snatched up in a minute, imagine his face on TV. Oh the amount of big hearts that will be reached and I know that you will make sure Jedi & Yoda are adopted together. Good Luck.

PS What about Puff Daddy?


I'm already making a list:

for the dogs we will need a pizza, box of cookies
and a jar of peanut butter.
for the humans Advil, ear plugs, clean set of clothes, lint roller and hairbrush/hairspray.

It's going to be an adventure for sure.


Never mind the studio, I think they should film us on the ride to Vancouver with Carol driving and Dawn and I trying to keep the five dogs under control... not to mention arriving without looking like we just stepped out of the Ozarks.
I guess Prada's out?


i decided no cats..they would hate the whole experience.

no hilda..she bites when she is stressed


would you be more likely to get successful adoptions if you took 10 cats? you may have more of them that could be adoptable.


When Oliver was being fostered by us Leila had him on Global TV and you can guess how many enquiries we got on him - ummm 0.


Update on Trudi:

I am in love with that dog, she moved in and made herself right at home. She went to the groomers yesterday and got all cleaned up and I can see her eyes now. Very happy that I went out on a limb and took home a small dog. I'm so very lucky!

Has anyone ever heard her bark? She's not made a peep since her arrival. She does however snore and grunt in her sleep.


jelly and sam/lea are on the list...not tess, she is a cruelty seizure...
so far the draft list is:
kobe, tina, maybe, fergus, jelly, sam, lea, jedi, yoda, and mini-me.


Don't write off Buddy Boy yet, his second car ride may go much better than the first. He knows you now. How about the 2 big guys in the shop....they need a home together. Getting them on TV may be the boost we need to find those 2 big bears a home together-forever.

I think Tess would be good she's a great dog, laid back easy going. She's a great example of a dog that just needs a little bit of extra help.

just my 2 cents....again. :)