Rescue Journal

a shitty day

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2012

fergus continued to have what appeared to be seizure activity this morning so i dropped him off at eastridge on my lunch break. daphne was horrible when i got home at lunch so i dropped her off at hillndale. both clinics were super busy and over booked but they kindly took in our sick babes. hillndale phoned first, daph was full of bladder stones and they were packed into her urethra as well. she was still leaking urine (she is normally urinary incontinent so leaking urine is normal for her) but it was major concern that she would totally obstruct and soon. she needed surgery asap and hillndale was unable to do it today. the vet suggested it would be safer to transfer her to another clinic if they could do the surgery today. so i called eastridge but they still hadn't even seen fergus yet so i swung a really unfair (to them) deal that i would bring daphne in and grab fergus out and transfer him over to hillndale.

musical sick dogs...some days our clinics must hate me.

anyway..dave is in surgery as i write this and i hope daph is doing ok..and big thanks to eastridge staff for staying late and helping my babe.

i picked fergus up from hillndale on my way home from work...the general concensous between the 2 clinics is possibly vestibular or maybe if he does in fact have cancer, and it has spread to the brain. he is fully recovered now and that worries me because any vestibular dogs that i have had before, did not recover so quickly. the vet suggested that if it is a could have shifted and was pressing on something and then shifted off again. could this sweet little dog possibly have any more BIG problems??? is wait and see how he does.

fergie is happy to be home and i miss my daphne.



Fergus has had vestibular syndrome before, would you like a copy of some of his old records? Or do you already have those?


To help ease your mind a bit Carol, my dog almost fully recovered from her vestibular syndrome within half a day. It can happen and hers was idiopathic.


fergus is also a really neat dog. come on hang in there and get better. i read the last post before i read this one so already knew daphne was in big trouble. you hang in there too daphne, we need your spunky little prescence around saints for a lot longer. so sorry jenn and carol. thinking about you both and know how much you love her.

Wendy Scott

Hugs to Fergie and I hope the best for Daphne during her surgery. Bless them both!