Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 16, 2012

nicole had called me today about that little incontinent daxi needing help cuz she had gotten an email and i told her to email them back cuz blah, blah blah i was not risking daphne's life by being a selfish cold hearted bitch and saying no to another and i didn't know if they had gotten jenn's facebook message.
(apparently i am quite superstitious.)
anyway..nicole just called me back and said she had told them ok and then realized this was a DIFFERENT daxi with spinal disease and chronic incontinence problems...this one is 7 yr old pinky...not 3 yr old jazzy.

are you kidding me?..two different ones in just a few hours?? and i said yes to both????
is someone playing games with me? how many freaking leaky and poopy daxi's do i have to take in to build up enough good karma to save daphne????

apparently two.

welcome pinky...his family say he is a bit of a dick headed jerk.
ok..god..enough is enough..i have paid the double daxi price and now i want daphne alive and well and home asap!
i am booking pinky in for a urinalysis and bladder xray too.



Bodhi's (aka Alf) mom here... I am so sorry to hear about Daphne. I grew up with Doxies and she caught my eye when we came for our tour last year. Positive thoughts flowing towards her. And if anybody has good karma, I'm pretty sure it's you, Carol. Good luck.

Bunny Horne

OFF TOPIC, but not really, looks like Carol you are going to be need lots of DAXI-DOLLARS just to keep up with Daphne and the new additions so everybody DON'T FORGET TO VOTE in the Pet Shelter Challenge.

And if everyone can check their piggy-banks (sorry Ellie and Brad) and see if you have any DAXI-DOLLARS in there that you can spare for the Pub Night fundraiser next Saturday.

I put the vacation dollars from my second job in a bank and I counted it last night. I have 100 DAXI-DOLLARS that I will personally donate to TEAM BARN.

Brent is super sick so hopefully he will be well enough to work tomorrow. If he is, SHEILA I will bring that money with me Sunday. Please commit these DAXI-DOLLARS to TEAM BARN.


This made me smile. Too weird. I'm praying hard to the Karma gods for her


Good news. Come on back Daphne! Heal!

Dachshunds are SO about control. (I've had 9 of them, so I have a couple of insights.) I suspect Daphne has tapped into this site and has wind of two more loving, leaky control freaks coming to SAINTS. I am hoping the sense of competition will make her strong.

As if there aren't enough Generalissimo types at SAINTS ...

Best wishes to all.


Yes thank you Eastridge! I know Daphne is in the best hands. I will come an visit her tomorrow.


thank you caylee and everyone else a eastridge for taking such extra special good care of her!


Wow. That is freakish in a way.

On a side note, when I left sweet Daphne this evening she was looking perkier. I changed her blankets and flipped her over and she decided that she would sit up for a while instead. She then settled down and went back to sleep with her giraffe stuffy.