Rescue Journal

daphne and other (daxi) updates

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2012

daph is holding her own..jenn saw her this morning and daph was pretty stoned on pain meds..i saw her this afternoon and she was a bit brighter..she wants to come home. she is still on iv's and 2 different antibiotics while they wait for the cultures to come back and her cathetor is now draining bloody urine vs just blood. the vet is going to repeat her bloodwork to see if her kidney function has improved. dave said the two things he is still really worried about is her overall kidney function and how to get that giant stone out of her urethra. i don't expect much to change for her over the coming days..until that last stone is out, i am afraid this could go either way.
she is getting such excellent care that i know whatever happens, she had the very best chance that she could possibly get.

love you babe..get well and come home soon!

the only other news is...the latest remote score...

mystic 16
carol 0

and without daphne here to protect hers and my stuff.... june and mystic have started to eat our bed. BAD DOGS!!!!!

oh and...jazzy arrives in abbotsford airport on thursday march 22 (i don't have a tme yet) someone available to pick her up for me cuz i am working????
and pinky arrives late on sunday march 25..he will be delivered right to saints...i will be home.



they are both pretty damn cute leaky/poopy little buggers..welcome you guys, can't wait to meet you...maybe by then daphne the queen leaky daxi will be home to boss you around!!!


Janette Korabo

I could go get Jazzy if it`s in the afternoon when she arrives...


let me know what time Jazzy arrives at the Abby airport. I may be able to do it as I work right close by.