Rescue Journal

ok..i just had my first full out laugh in days....

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2012

all courtesy of the 2 shop dogs.
i went over to feed them and settle them for bed and as soon as i opened the door, i heard crash, bang, boom overhead and the two fatty-guilty pants came FLYING down the stairs and sat down on their beds.

like i am blind and didn't see (and hear) them crashing down the stairs.

too freaking funny..i absolutely adore innocent guilty dogs!

it never occured to me that those two overweight, out of shape, rickety old dogs could even think about going up or down the stairs...i so wish i had seen their faces the first time they made it up there...holy shit..there is a regular freaking house for us up here!!!!! is more than fine with me if they want to live up is way nicer and much more comfortable and normal for them and i won't feel so guilty about them living over there.

so i grabbed their canned food bowls and meds and up we went so they could have dinner in THEIR suite..i laid out some thick quilts on the carpet for them (altho i did see some toys up on the bed so someone has been sleeping up there i think!)...put on a movie for them to watch and left on the lights.

if they start having accidents up there, i might have to pull up the carpet and lay down lino..but i don't really care as long as they are happy that they found a pretty nice dog house at the top of the shop stairs.

very good funny..thank you lea and sam!!!!


Carol Ann

very funny and very smart of those 2. Never a dull moment at saints.


Too funny, Carol! That is wonderful that they have found their own "home" upstairs! And just think, the exercise is good for them!


A happy ending to a ... difficult ... week. Smiles all around.

Very happy to hear you both saw Daphne today, too. I am sure it made her day. Heal up little dog; we all want to see you at SAINTS real soon.