Rescue Journal

the resurrection

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2012

maggie called me first thing this morning..something was wrong with rumple. he wouldn't get up, he wouldn't eat..he just lay there like a lifeless thing.

so over i went and on laid on the floor and peered into his eyes. oh says rumple, i know you...are you dead too?? yeah buddy...not quite yet.

he came to maggie's stoned from sedation last night and today he wakes up in maggie's pure white and peaceful house. the floors are while, the walls are white, the furniture is white too...of course he thought he had died and gone to heaven (everyone knows heaven is pure shining white!) and that was a shock to his system....he was surprized that he was dead!

he probably thought he wasn't supposed to move or eat or drink or anything else cuz dead things don't do any of that he just laid there trying to be a good dead dog.
now we had to convince him that he was still alive so maggie brought me his food and a spoon and i spoon fed him til he realized that we were all still alive and well and he wasn't in heaven..he was only half way there at maggie's house, getting spoon fed!
he got up had a pee, wandered around for a bit and then went back to bed.

when i left..all was well with rumple...he now knows he is alive and not in heaven (but maggie's is pretty damn close!)...whew.



He is back to not eating again....even by spoon. He has had his evening meds so will just take him out to pee later and stop bugging him to eat until tomorrow.


oh maggie..i forgot to tell you..once he is settled do not EVER hand feed him...always use a spoon cuz he will accidently take off your fingers...he has a mouth like a steel trap around food.


Brilliant! Rumple has been out to pee a couple of times so all is well there... however I am beginning to suspect he knows he is on to a good thing being lifted onto his feet and spoon fed.
I think we have made a monster out of our laid back Rumple!
P.S We love him to bits!
P.P.S. Any news about Daphne?


OMG what a hilarious post this is. You had me laughing out loud. Rumple is half-way to heaven.