Rescue Journal

a not so gentle reminder

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2012

man those baby pigs are smart. i had their dinner and hay hidden deep down in the wheelbarrow on the other side of th riding ring gate. the plan was to let them out for nice run around and then slip their dinners and hay into the feeding spots while they were both bombing around having fun.

i am pretty sure charlotte smelled her marshmellows/strawberries/bananas/apples from afar cuz she and wills bee-lined right for that gate and my super-duper-i-am-smarter-than-you plan became an immediate and total dismal flop.

i wonder why no one has ever trained pigs for tracking things..i think they would be pretty damn good.

emily was a bit sad at bedtime and needed a cuddle..she never gets more than about half of her grain before percy and joy stick their giant greedy faces in her bowl. i told her not to worry honey cuz they were going to eventually die of fat cow disease and she wouldn't.

odie went after shane today..shane started it cuz he is stupid...odie was on him like a dirty shirt and then i was on odie like an even dirtier shirt..and thankully no one ( actually got hurt...lots of noise but no odie teeth this time.

ok..correction....shane's feelings were hurt. but i told you know what june feels like when you start pushing her around.

i had a massive headache today and i was bitchy with the barn volunteers. they wanted to give the ducks some swimming time so they constructed this massive gawd only knows what thing out of a giant tarp and what have you and i tossed a freaking fit cuz i hate mickey mouse reno shit around makes the place look run down and trashy. i didn't see why a simple and easy wheelbarrow filled with some nice fresh water couldn't have been wheeled into their stall for their baths....and floyd really likes wheelbarrow baths, it is deeper than his pool. it would have been way faster and easier too.

anyway..i apologise for being hag..but this comes up again and again....people sometimes forget that this is actually my personal property so i do like to be asked before changes or additions are made and today i was easily accessible only 15 feet away in the house.

and i do thank you for taking it down before everyone left cuz if i had to do it i would have been even more upset.
the chicken and ducks will be in their new digs in a couple of days, it won't be much longer..folks just need to be patient.
there you go..yes i can be a hard ass at times..BUT once i have said what i need to have said... then i can let it go.

oh and sheila asked me to mention that 10 pub night tickets are unaccounted for since last week. if someone has them and is still collecting money from friends and family thats fine but she needs to know where they are.


i talked to the vet...daph is a bit better, her urine is less bloody and she is not vomitting today. i will see her tomorrow, i didn't see her today cuz the clinic is closed (but dave still goes in to care for the sickies in there.) he said if her kidney function and infection are better on her bloodwork and if she can come off of the iv's..then i can bring her home for cage rest and manage her cathetor care here until her next surgery.



For those who read the blog and have reserved tickets and are paying at the door don't worry your tickets will be waiting for you Saturday night.


Hi Zoe

Can you email me and I will email back. I will get in touch with the pub to see if we can just a few extra people. In the meantime
- the 4 tickets I have here I will hold for you. There were 2 people who may come and I will transfer those to you.

You can email me at


The garage sale went very well in spite of the drizzly weather. A heartfelt thanks to all of you who donated items. Couldn't have had the success we did without without your generous support. There's even enough things left over to start planning another sale for late September.


Uh oh... I was just msging to say I need 10 tickets. Last I heard hardly any were sold and now they all are! I will take whatever one's I can get my hands on. How do I pay? Should I bring cash on Tuesday (I was going to stop by anyway to do a little project with Percy) or paypal?



To finish you just figured out that mystery Lynn There was 1 ticket that went missing and then 9. Can someone tell her to leave the money in the green plastic tray with my name on it.

Thanks Lynn for the donations. I think Leila is going tobe bidding on the little white jacket.

There are only 2 tickets (possibly 4) tickets left!


i picked up my ticket on fri and krista had taken some tickets and was going to bring in the money o n mon. she had 9 i think. i left my cheque with the donation money for team house in an envelope. sheila, did you get the items off the desk. hopefully they are okay. helga, how did your garage sale go. glad daphne is feeling a bit better.

Bunny Horne

Brent says the French use pigs to hunt for truffles. Maybe our babies are truffle pigs.

Sheila, I left $120 in your box for the Team Barn funds for the fund raiser. Hope you found it.

Maggie, we left two 1000Saints on Board signs in your mail box for you too.