Rescue Journal

so after the bogus vet trip...

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2012

tammy kindly offered to help me to do the shopping...we just had to hit london drugs for papa john's meds (holy shit man those things are 5 bucks a pill!!) and a new remote control for mystic to outsmart me and eat (tammy suggested i buy 2 just in case!)..the stupid store for $300 worth of canned cat and dog food and the feed store for the barn guys stuff plus the stall matts for the cement floor in the new chicken house (they will be delivered tomorrow along with a pallet of pine pellets for the litter boxes.)
the chicken/duck/turkey building is going up tomorrow..YAY!...and tammy kindly answered the phone while i was driving (most of the time...somehow she missed 6 new incoming calls!) the end she thought the whole shopping thing sucks as much as i do!!!! ( and she missed the whole crappy unloading of the freaking full van after shopping part too!)
she has decided that i need a daily assistent to get everything done. she is offerring to be my assistent one day per week but thinks i need 6 more assistents for the other days or they will quickly burn out (i guess assistents are delicate little creatures who need long recuperative breaks???) and she thinks they should have to provide me with at least one meal per day as part of their job description...either dinner or lunch (i LIKE that idea!!!)

anyway..if anyone is interested in any of the 6 non-paid assisting carol positions, please let tammy know!

i had a REALLY nice visit with dixie late this afternoon..and yes i remembered her apple. i stripped off her coat and brought it home for washing cuz i don't know what the heck she has been doing but it was freaking filthy!

i got to talk to both daphne and dixie today..that alone makes it a very great day.



sheila has it for you maggie!
yes i will be me for lunch zoe and i better not find pink cows in my fields!
nd yes penny you can drop that off here and i will make sure sheila gets it.


i just had bambi at the groomers, she had a bath and her ears cleaned. smells sooo good. got her home and max, my male dog just would not leave her alone. it was like hey who is the new smells so good girl wow i like, i mean really like her ,she told him to f off and having no part of it. was too funny. she is such a good dog am so glad i took her. but she sure lets you know when she wants something like her walk, her food ,her pets etc. i have discovered she is afraid of the wind, the noise of the wind, water, fireplaces, the trains call, makes her uneasy. anything unusual


The assistants must be energetic people who are organized and looking for a challenge. They must be flexible and be able to adapt to change quickly.
One day on, six days off to recharge for the next challenge. They can handle the smaller stuff like shopping, phone calls, keeping track of appointments and leave Carol to deal with the animals. Hours would vary, but they would need to be available from approx. 9:00 AM until they are no longer needed that day (anywhere from afternoon to evening).


Would it be too late to leave another donation for the Amazing Raise up at Saints on Friday? Can't make it up before then, but someone has just approached me asking if they can donate. We want to make sure it gets credited to Team MP Room before pub night!!!!


I'm coming out there tomorrow to do a little project with the cows... haha you'll see.

Will you be home for lunch? Subway? Timmys? Pizza? Anything but a veggie sandwich? Haha let me know.