Tail wag, Pub Night SOLD OUT + 6!

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2012

Our tickets are sold, our silent auction items are in and it is sure to be a fun-filled evening for all of our supporters to get together and raise a ton of money for senior animals in need.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to our Amazing Raise Pub Night this Saturday, March 24th at the Golden Ears Pub in Pitt Meadows. We actually over-sold, but the Pub has kindly agreed to accommodate our six extra guests. Please know that there is no rush to arrive at the Pub right at 6:00 p.m. In fact, it might be better if some people staggered their arrival because if everyone shows up and orders their food at the time some people may be waiting a bit longer for their meals. We have our own seating area set aside and reserved and we won't be annoucing the Amazing Raise results/winners until 9:00 pm.

We are still collecting pledges. As you know, there is a competition happening between our animal/volunteer areas to see who can raise the most in pledges. There are three teams: Team House, Team Barn and Team Multi-purpose Building. Volunteers have been working hard to help their respective teams raise the most. No one wants to be the losing team because the winners get to make them do "something" (TBD). Over the last month, in addition to their day jobs and their weekend gig volunteering at SAINTS, they have also been working extra hard holding garage sales, hooking rugs, and selling saints photos. It is no holds bar and the volunteers are in full competition mode.

At this time I cannot reveal the current standing of each animal area but I can tell you that is is a close race. I will tell you that in total we have raised an incredible $6200 so far in pledges. We are hoping that this week we can magically raise another $2800 to meet our goal of $10,000. This will help pay for some outstanding vet bills as well as upcoming surgeries such as the dental for our newest senior feline, Zsu Zsu.

Help us reach our goal and senior animals win!

You can make a pledge through Pay Pal (just note which team/animal area it is for) or if you prefer, you can mail a cheque to our Chair, Sheila Kullar (email for the mailing address). Please note that only donations of $25.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.



Bunny Horne

I may have a friend that's coming - she wants desperately to come, I trust it's okay to give her my ticket and I will just order from the regular menu?

Maggie - the rear window of my vehicle now reads '1000SAINTS.CA' I drive in Vancouver and park at Costco so hopefully this will get you some visibility