Rescue Journal

urgh..rough night

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2012

restless fergus=screaming tina
screaming tina=little sleep
i finally threatened to toss her in the playpen with griffin so at least her hysterical screaming would be somewhat worthy of what was actually happening.

weird dreams...crippled flat fuzzy mouse....balded headed, vulture beaked crow trying to bite the flat fuzzy mouse..and something about shopping for safe appropriate mouse and crow houses...thats all i remember but it is enough..apparently i am worried about dickheads around here.

i said yesterday if i just sat in my computer chair 24/7, year after year...odie would be the perfect dog cuz he just curls up and sleeps somewhere beside me. i guess i am the biggest part of odies problem..when i am not around he is awake and gets himself in trouble keeping himself busy while he is waiting for me to sit down in here again.

maybe for odie's sake i should retire from work sooner than later so i can sit on my ass at the computer 24 hours a day.

three vet appointments today...fergus for repeat bloodwork, marvin for a followup mouth check and new bud for his initial new to saints vet check over. oh yay the travelling beast will be in my car again today.

and i forgot to tell you that zsu-zsu's bloodwork came back...crappy kidneys but we will still be going ahead with her dental cuz her mouth is bad enough to have to be fixed and her kidneys are not quite bad enough not to fix this....still it is a tough surgery for a 17 yr old cat.

well..i slept in til 7 am so i really can't complain too much about being tired today.

i will be seeing daphne this morning and my plan is to get out and see dixie as looks like the weather might be a little more decent today.

and a little funny from yesterday, it was when brenda said....

it is pretty bad when phoebe starts looking good in comparison to some of the others around here...(odie, i think she was talking about you!)



Yay Phoebe. She's now on the good list.
I knew she would make it, eventually.