Rescue Journal

he is doing ok

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2012

more comfortable, not so restless and distressed. i can't see if the swelling is going down at all because of the dark and his positioning..but he is finally chewing his cud again so i think that is a good sign. fingers are crossed that he will be fine.

em is getting a bit pissed that i keep shining a flashlight in her eyes when she is trying to sleep. joy has gone off to the barn so i think maybe she is not so worried anymore.

2pm check..still ok..since he seems quite comfortable and relaxed now and that pain injection is long acting , i will check him again at 6 so can grab a few hours of zzzz's.


Bunny Horne

Good work, Percy. You can do this. You are the king of the barn and we need you. Remember my new "CTV" cap you kept stealing last Sunday? Yes, the one now covered in Percy goo. Well buddy, if you pull through this I will let you keep the damned cap. You are all praying for you. Keep the good news coming Percy.


Wahooo! Carol you are a saint yourself and an example to human beings everywhere.

Try to get some sleep!