Rescue Journal

yay percy!

Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2012

he just got up and the swelling is down and then he lifted his tail and had a nice and easy and good sized poop without any straining or effort at all...there is no way he could that with a twisted up bowel.
i called and the vets are still coming up today cuz i do want him checked again just in case but i think percy is not dying so that is great news.

bastard!!! quit scaring the crap out of me and then i won't have to scare the crap out of everyone else too!!!!

sorry you guys.



Thanks for the good news ... just thanks.

Hope Percy feels better.

Hope Carol pays attention to those headaches.

Jamie Bryk

Ya gotta love a good poop! Keeping sharing the good/bad/ugly with us Carol, everyone is there for you.


Omg that is great news! Since I was up at Saints last night and saw Percy and the pain he was in I thought that might be it...I never slept all night....glad he proved us wrong, but good plan to get him checked out cause he for sure had someting very painful going on


Ditto Helga way to go Percy. Carol I hope you get your headache under control and can get some rest.