Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2012

i am utterly exhausted and feel like puking this morning..... sometimes i hate this shit.

percy looks totally glazed and traumatized like some kind of wounded disaster and em are bewildered and sad that they were left out in the upper field away from him and their familiar beds.

i didn't see daph yesterday cuz i couldn't leave here..i did call to check on her and she is ok.

everyone missed their insulin last night cuz i was late with the am doses yesterday morning (i didn't give them til noon...) so i couldn't give them til midnight last night and i suck cuz i crashed asleep before that and missed them. nothing like screwing up everyone's bloodsugars in one stupid shot.

today i will ask janette to see if we can convince percy to move into the goats area. that will keep him confined but let joy and em back in to the riding ring where they desperately want to be. the goats will be fine in the barn with joy and emily during percy's recovery...i can't remember who suggested it yesterday but it was a god idea.

i forgot to tell you jazzy did not arrive this week..they bumped her to next is tentative because of the air canada affects the escort seats available on west jet flights for the pet rescue transport folks.
pinky still arrives on sunday.

i also forgot to take the timesheets into the accountants this week and today is payday..oh yay carol, that was bright.



Carol, Percy has already won the lotto being at Saints. You need to win the lotto so you can have some time to relax too!!


i will measure today janice.

it is not me or the BC water is our animals. not too many people can witness and participte in the simple beauty and grace of these unwanted animals lives, and not put their own needs and wants aside. i think we are all moved to at least try to be worthy of their complete trust and faith in us all.


I also have three pole gates here that i think would frame in one of those loafing sheds. Two are not wired but i have wire and we can zap strap mesh on them for a quick fix. The challange would be hanging them.. but i suppose we could set them on the ground and just wire "hinge" them on to the posts.

If some one can run a tape on those openings we can see if this works then zee goat kids can stay where they are.

If someone can help me do it here we will load them and tie them on my truck, fixed and ready to put up.


What an amazing and supportive group of people!! How I wish every animal rescue could create just this type of network where people rally to the cause when there is crisis. The outpouring of love and concern for Percy is truly overwhelming. Even from afar, I am completely smitten with that cow so I can only imagine how the people who have actually met Percy must feel.

Carol, you have done something very special in attracting so many wonderful people to your rescue. Or perhaps it's something in the water out there in B.C. :-)

Bunny Horne

Carol, great idea moving Percy into the goat house for now. Emily and Joy can visit him over the fence. He can check in on the horses and so he will be confined, but not totally restricted. It's covered and safe there. I would suggest that the big rubber water bowl currently in the cow barn be filled so that Gilbert doesn't have to travel too far to get a drink - his arthritis seems a little worse these days.


I know it's difficult but please take some time for yourself today. I can't even begin to imagine how exhausted, mentally and physically, you must be.