Rescue Journal

the pub night was a huge success

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2012

thank you so much everyone..sheila will post the final numbers but we raised over $12,000. it won't clear all of the bills but it will take a great big whoppng bite out of our debt...YAY!
Team House won the overall fundraisng award bringing in about $6000..way to go TEAM HOUSE! and together team MP building and team barn brought in the same...way to go you guys!!!!
lots of great people were there tonight to support was a very full and cheerful house.

and i want to personally thank the pub itself for not only hosting us, but picking up the tab for my dinner and treating my table to my first bottle of champagne in almost 20 years! wow..has it been that long since i was a normal person???

thx to KO..percy won the basket of beer...he will be so happy to get a can of his favorite fizzy over the next few days...not to worry, he won't get can of beer doesn't go very far into the land of drunken-ness with a 2 thousand pound steer.

ok, gotta go..daphne is calling, she wants some attention on her first night home.



Congratulations for a happy, very successful evening.

Percy wins the beer? Perfect!

Daphne's at home and giving orders? Sounds very promising.

... and the sun is out!