Rescue Journal

pinky and the brain

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2012

as soon as peter pan's muscle relaxants kicked in this pan was again off and running around. tonight he is REALLY freaking sore...ok sweet ancient flying dumbo you are now on house arrest for a few days.

percy ate some grain today along with his apples and beer.

pinky is here and so far he hates it. i have him cooling his heels in daphne's cage but it is weird looking over from my bed...seeing that sweet (almost) daphne face and knowing this new little crippled and leaky pinky thinks i am an evil daxi-napper.
listen pissed off pinky...not my got in here by an honest mistake.

anyway the little turd is freaking adorable and i am going to love him even if he says i am not. and since he is pinky... i guess i get to be "The Brain". means he is absolutely going to have to get over this cuz... Ta-Da...."The Brain" needs a "Pinky' sidekick and he is the only available pinky i happen to currently have (sitting and glaring at me in his pinky's pissed off cage.)
tomorow i will break out his wheels and clear out the room and let him cruise around for a bit..i bet he will like me better tomorrow...hope floating for this.



thx bridget but he has enough to last him thru this and he is not getting beer on a regular basis once he has recovered...he
doesn't need the extra beer belly!

lol..not really an interesting story ian/ summer day, we brought in some cold coronas for the volunteers..i was walking around with one and he wanted some and i never can drink a full bottle anyway so i let him have he rest of mine and he liked it alot!

Ian & Mary

There must be an interesting story about how it was discovered that Percy enjoys the odd beer...


would Percy like it if we brought in some beer, Carol? we brewed some, and there's plenty.