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alarm clock dogs

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2012

i just love waking up to an entire house erupting into song...not.

the saints chorus began at 0730 bang on the really even tho i was awake for a couple of hours, i had plenty of sleep overall.

so today are the real vet runs and there are four plus the farm vets are coming to check out percy so that's five in total..and today i need to get pinky out of daphne's cage before she comes home. pinky still looks pissed so i am thinking i just might shed a drop or two of blood when i try to move him. oh well the little bugger has every right to still be upset.

one person said to me yesterday, 'you are the dog whisperer'..but i am not. i actually am the dog yeller cuz most of them are deaf. but the difference between me and the average human being is i expect dogs to act like dogs. i also expect the aging or ill or injured creatures will act like they are old, sick or hurt...and then i figure out how i can help them happily live with that.

animals lose their homes because people "can't" but nine times out of really isn't "can't" is "won't"....
luckily most times for these animals...i can and i will.

there is almost always a solution to pretty much every problem..if we are willing to do what works.

and the problems that truly have no solution..actually pobably should mean euthanization.

but here is the thing..these animals are undoptable because they mean work. we finally tossed "children should be seen and not heard" out of the we need to toss out...'pets must be pretty damn easy or we can get rid of them." being committed and responsible for any life is never easy simply because we absolutely have to find ways to meet their physical. mental and emotional needs...when was that kind of responsibility for another one's life... easy?

if the numbers around here are any indication...we really are a bit of a lazy species aren't we??



Got a chuckle out of this: i actually am the dog yeller cuz most of them are deaf