Rescue Journal

i think the biggest challenge in rescue is...

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2012

the road blocks we construct around the animals we rescue.

"we rescued this xxx (dog, cat, horse, pig...insert pretty much any animal type here)...but now we find the animal has xxx (insert...diabetes, hip dysplagia, cardiac disease, dental disease, incontinence issues, bites, doesn't like cats,...or any other type of imperfection...) and we don't have the xxxx (insert resources, foster homes, mandate...whatever) to deal with that.

no one in rescue wants to kill an animal because it has problems. but we don't want to keep the animal and deal with his or her issues either. so we look for the fairy tale warm and fuzzy ending of passing the animal along to someone who can deal with whatever the issues are.

the difference between those that can't and won't and those who can and roadblocks.

rescue is absolutely chocked full of roadblocks...and we construct most of them ourselves.

i could teach a five year old how to deal with chronic incontinence..pick room, rip out the carpet, lay down some lino and buy a bucket and mop.

i could teach a 10 yr old how to deal with dog that doesn't like cats...pick a room and close the door between the dog and the cat and keep them away from each other.

i could teach a twelve year old how to manage most medical conditions simply by following the vets medical treatment plans and advice.

and i could teach a 15 year old rescuer how to raise enough funds to pay for the vet care of a sick animal.

and i could teach pretty much teach anyone how to put on a muzzle before pushing the button that triggers a particular dog to snap or bite.

are any of these things ideal? easy? fun?..of course not...but every single one of them works and every single one is a road block that has been removed.

there is a reality in rescue...take in enough animals and at some point you are going to get stuck with some of them cuz NO ONE else is going to want them. so ask yourself..what is your plan for when this happens? will you step up to the plate and take care of them for the rest of their lives? or will you hope to pass them on to someone else who can de-construct roadblocks better than you? or will you actually rescue and then give up and nuke them because caring for them is too difficult?

i am not saying that every animal can and should be saved but i do believe that once in rescue...the ones that can be...should be given every single opportunity to have the roadblocks removed before we pack them in and call it a day.



dawn..rescue remedy is available at any health food store.
bunny..the open house dates are june 23/24 (or whatever that sat and sunday are..i don't hve the calender in front of me)

laura..yes i can hear the actual alarms..they are ear blasting. but that wasn't a fire alarm, it was a signal that there was a problem with 2 of the alarm zones (like a low battery) so all i heard was the chime going off repeatedly and i got up and checked that each building was fine and then reset the main house.

the company shouldn't have been calling the fire dept anyway cuz the alarms weren't actually going off saying there was a fire..they were just signalling a malfunction within the alarms themselves.

i will try to get one of the techs out to check them out but it will probably be difficult with me currently fighting over that refund with them.


Dawn- try Save-On in the organics area. (candles, incense, scents, and oils section). they have it in Mission.


Can anyone tell me where to buy rescue remedy in the Abbotsford area? Petsmart - no, Oly's - no. We don't have a Tisol or Bosleys.

Carol Ann

yes Lynne she was very shy, not so much any more. She was the one we had to pick up and move cause poor old Minnie Pearl knocked her down. Harold is a love bug but leaks a lot lol. Angus is a little doll and is very clean can't believe he was returned for peeing on floor. Sweetie gets along with everyone especially Lola and Eli is my little wrecked love. Can't do anything with him lol I risk my life just to do his nails. But I love that little guy he just got under my skin. and Precious had a med adjustment also and is much better. I hope your gang is all fine.


i remember her from saints. she was a shy little girl, wasnt she? i do remember when you took her home. that was a great day for her. how are all your other critters.

Carol Ann

Lynne you were right the first time she is all girl. Lots of beautiful strawberry blonde coat lol. She is not ready to go yet she is a happy girl now and eating well. :)


wow thank goodness she is okay. hope lola is going to have a good outcome.

Carol Ann

Just read previous blogs. CHARLEY IS FINE The only reason I am behind in reading the blog is because of my Lola she suddenly developed growths around her eyes and they had to be removed, Waiting for biopsy report --sure hope it isn.t cancer. So I am dealing with a hyper lab with stitches all around her eyes that are itchy. BUT CHARLEY ONLY HAS ARTHRITIS right now thank goodness.

Bunny Horne

What are the dates of the OPEN HOUSE this year? I just got the application for the Denman Street Car Free Day. I want to ensure it doesn't conflict with the Saints Open House before I send off the application form. If approved, Brent and I will man an information booth. There was lots of traffic last year and it was freezing cold. This years car free day is June 17th.


So last night or should I say this morning at 1am the alarm company phones me and says we have a fire alarm in section 9 the shop and haved phoned Carol and no answer and the alarm has not been reset, what would you like us to do....I ask can Carol for sure her the alarm if it is the shop, she says I do not know...I say do not call fire dept(we can not afford false alarms)but we also can not afford to lose the shop especially Sam and Lea who live there. So I quickly zip up to Saints(10 min from call)run into shop Sam & Lea are like hey whats fire false alarm...yay! But now Carol please tell me did you hear it and had already checked things out, so I know for next call. I was not sure this time and had to go could not stand the thought of anything happening.