Rescue Journal

i should get a water bed....

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2012

then it shouldn't matter that three leaky daxi's sleep on it every night.

pinky is actually not bad...he does have pretty good bladder control...he can hold it for hours so as long as he gets regular frequent pee breaks...he does pretty well.

jazzy also has some control..i think. by this i mean urine does pool and stay in her bladder until she gets excited or moves too quickly..then it just gushes out. i discovered that last night when at midnight she lost her mind while i was sleeping and started humping my arm...oh gee, thx jazzy, let not do that ever again.

since daphne's surgery...she has no control any more...she used to be a cross between pinky and jazzy..she could store it for a few hours til her bladder suddenly just let go. but now she is leaking a little bit every few minutes. she has been good about staying next to me on the incontinent pads..i think i got up and refolded or changed them at least 5 or 6 times during the night and that kind of sucked. not sure if she will get a bit better control when she heals or if her bladder is now totally toast.

the problem with these guys is...whether they can or can't store urine for any length of time...they can't control the release...suddenly it just happens. they can't make a decision that now while they are outside or put down on a pee pad on the floor that this might be a good opportunity to let go and empty. their bladders have lost the ability to recognise, process or respond to the nerve signals...this is the reality of neurogenic bladder disease.

i did try to put daph back in the cage for part of the night so i could just sleep a bit and not worry...but she started to cry. and i didn't make myself sick hoping and praying that she would come thru this to have her sad and unhappy every night.

so..while i truly hate it the thought of this..i am thinking we might just have to try diapers for her at night. jazzy and pinky should be mostly ok as long as they can empty before bedtime.

ah the joys of dealing with little incontinent, sweet natured and innocent daxi's whose quality of life revolves around burrowing under blankets and pillows next to their favorite night time human friend.



I have a couple of fabric diapers made by Coco Napoleon here in Edmonton I could send out to you if you need them, and they work? I know on the ones I had made for Jazzy worked for her here.

Just send me your mailing address and I will pop them in the mail .


Change of plan...I had a fall this afternoon and pulled a muscle in my back. The only time my Chiropractor can see me is tomorrow morning. So sorry I won't make it up to do laundry.
Nothing like a gimpy back to make one feel old.


Sorry Lynne, I can't come Saturday - I have to take one of my dogs into Surrey for dental surgery again on Sat. morning.


off topic i can not do sat this weekend but can do sun can anyone switch with me.thanks