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Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2012

both pinky and jazzy are utterly adorable..physically and spiritually...they are just sweet charissmatic little creatures made to melt hearts. honestly..who wouldn't want to rescue them? which does remind me tho..pinky's owner's daughter told me she contacted more than 20 dashshund rescues throughout canada and the US and no one would take him. i find this hard to wrap my head around...A. he is freaking super cute and B. the problem he has with his spine is pretty damn common among daxi"s (they are a totally stupid breeding design just asking to rupture their vertabral disc's.) i would think most daxi's that actually need rescuing need help because of the resulting disabilities caused by commonly blowing their disc's...(ie paralysis and incontinence.) snooze, you lose...we got them and they are both going to be a great joy to have around.
i hope anyone who comes here hoping to adopt them, decides to adopt odie instead.

i really don't feel like working all thru the weekend...i am freaking tired and it is only day 3 of 5 shifts.

i stopped in at bosley's and bought daph a incontinent brief but then had to go to the drugstore to find disposable incontinence liners to fit. those things do not list te measurement of the pads so i wasn't sure which ones to buy. i ended up buying 4 different kinds hoping one of them works. it occured to me while i was standing in the check out line with my arms overflowing with various packages of incontinent pads that all of the folks around me were going to think i had a really BIG problem with a leaky bladder myself.

good thing no one knocks off people for leaking or i might have never made it out of that store.

april has quite a few media events..the saints animals (not the people) are doing the morning breakfast show on the 4th and urban rush on the 11th and then i have to rush back from vancouver cuz optic tv is coming later that afternoon to also film a segment for one of their shows.

which also reminds me..i better check...dawn and maggie are you both still helping me for the vancouver shows on the 4th and 11th???? bath, do the diabetics and meds and get to bed early so at work tomorrow i am not a total brain-dead wreck.



Have a doxie diaper (didn't spay before first heat, gah) and will send off. Even if you have others nice to have back up. My girl now spayed and pretty much recovered :)


I'm still in just need to know when and where you need me to be.

And Trudy is adjusting well to her diapers, one full day without carpet cleaning and yes she is still freaking adorable!!



Hi Carol
I am still up for the TV trip. What time will be we leaving for the Breakfast TV gig? I think I will need to adjust Friskies insulin from her usual 6:30am, could you advise?
Dr. Loff is very happy with Squeaks progress...his mouth, even the ulcer, is healing. This old boy is going to outlive us all!
Sorry I can't be there tomorrow morning but I really need to get my back fixed...can't live my life lying flat on the floor.


i saw this. i didn't know if it was similar to what you got for Daphne, but it seems like a great idea!