Rescue Journal

ok so he is out

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2012

i checked every couple of hours and finally at 63o he had come out. i am not sure if anyone else is missing and under there now cuz the door was wide open with the drawer removed and everyone had access but if there long as it isn't isn't a big deal.

i get that it is a whole new world here...things that happen every day in your very own leaving a window, door or a gate open for a second or a minute or two, moving a food or water bowl or a bed.....just are not big deals. but here they are because we have cats like sunny and chief here..dogs like holly, andy and squirt..that if they get out or into the wrong place.. we might not be able to get them back to where they feel safe again. heaven forbid any of those guys ever get out the front gate...they will die out there because they will bolt and won't ever come to any human (not even me when they are panicked) for help.

we also have animals here that could seriously harm one of the dogs with high prey drives can't ever have even momentary access to cats or the barn animals..or dogs who hate each other or have food issues can't ever find themselves at the wrong time, in the wrong room. it only takes a careless second before someone has lost an eye or needs sutures.

and please never forget that i do routinely put out rat poisoning so if cats get down into the crawl space or anyone gets into a space they are not supposed to be in..there is always the risk of poisoning too.

a communal animal shelter is a very fragile physical and emotional environment..beds and bowls are placed specifically to prevent allow safe access to the shyer guys..doors and gates are constructed to keep animals safe where they are..or to keep them away from a dangerous problem for them.

i don't expect anyone to know every single reason why this door or window or gate is always closed or the need for specific placements of beds, food/water bowls..i know everyone can't possbly know every animal who has to be kept away from either other singular or groups of animals...or who would totally panic if they got out..... not to ever be caught again.

but i do expect everyone to realize that things are open or closed, animals are here or there for a reason and opening or closing it or changing locations accidently or intentionlly....could become a very big deal. and when the reason behind it suddenly becomes apparent...sometimes it is too late.

these are not your normal every day animals, living in your normal every day place..these are special needs animals living in a very specific to their unique special needs place.

saints is a house of cards and every card is very specifically and intentionally placed in a serious attempt to keep every single animal stress free and safe.



opps meant to say busy as of sunday and can only deliver today'' sorry'' 604 467 1635 cheersPolly


Hi ' any one home today for me to bring food supplies? what time please i will check every so often '' 4:15 as of now'' or call me when i can't do it after today for at least a few days ' i am picking up 2 pups sunday ...thanks Cheers ' Polly


Brent wil check out your vanity cabinet and make a template so he can close off any access points. I know you are keeping the door closed but it will keep you from escaping into that crawl space should you ever feel like bolting.
I applied for Denman St car free day -- will hear in a week if we get accepted. Brent and iI will man the info booth and hopefuly get some donations. See you Sunday if you are on site.