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today at saints

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2012

holly went out on a trial adoption..i believe this is the perfect kind of home for her so we will just have to wait and see how she does. hopefully her anxiety will decrease significantly...fingers and toes crossed for holly!

mo said the vet was here this morning to see percy and is really happy with how he is doing now. he ate a good breakfast and dinner so i think our giant prince is on the way to wellness again. i am a bit worried about when this is over cuz we will have created a beer guzzling, coke slurping, special treat needing.... 2000 pound spoiled cow. i can just see when he is back on regular rations..he is going to be so pissed off.

daphne had a lovely afternoon hanging around with her best friend jenn...they spent some time playing together up in the suite and daphne is for sure feeling pretty good now.

i find it interesting that pinky's favorite dogs are daphne, fergus and manny (daphne has a healing incision, fergus we are pretty sure has cancer, and manny is just so absolutely disabled by his hind end weakness)...i am wonderng if he intentionally picks the sickest or weakest or most messed up..i kind of think that he does.

maybe inside pinky there hides a wanna-be nurse. i really am getting attached to this little guy..i think he is pretty damn cool.

i had a couple of updates today..dawn says she received an email and lizzie and tonka are doing great.
jenn said fionna said pest is starting to pee in front of the back and front doors....(fiona... call me about this, you are probably right, he does want outside as he did used to be a long term in and out cat, i was really hoping he had forgotten about that. maybe we can compromise with him on this and he can go out for short supervised times every day?)
maggie says rumple is doing great...all settled in and very comfortable and happy in his new home.
and dawn brought trudi up with her today and trudi looks pretty damn pleased with herself!



Tthe trouble with an outdoor pen is we really don't have a place to put it. Out upper deck is covered but open and underneath it is where Cutter goes during the day if I am working and it's also storage. Our place doesn't really have that much room and underneath does not get much sun. At the moment it's open so the dog can get out to the yard.

I'll facebook you.

cheryl and stef

Hey Fiona, If you want help with a little outdoor pen. Stef made our cats one similar to the ones at saints and they love it. Might solve the peeing problem


Carol, I will call you but I don't have your phone number.

It's not a huge deal but yes, he does really want outside. He will walk the halls being extremely vocal wanting out. He does it at night also but once he goes into Kat's room for the night he settles down. Going out at night is NOT an option but if we can figure something for him during the day when I am home that would be great. He doesn't seem like the kind to stray far as he's very cautious and scared of strangers.


I 3rd the good news on Daph and Percy!!

And so happy for Holly, she was starting to warm up last weekend and she's a sweet dog that deserves an awesome home!

Weekend warriors- I'm an idiot and didn't realize tomorrow was the 1st and Brian's family is having an event at 12:30 in Surrey. So I'm planning on actually being on time, doing the back cat room and whipping outta there by 10:30! Just a heads up sorry


Great news about Percy and Daphne. I look forward to the day when you have to deny him another brew ...

Pinky sounds like he is where he was supposed to be.

And if Holly makes it work ...

A good news day. Nice.


Pest needs an outdoor pen like the cats at Saints have. I had one built on my patio and the cats love it they enjoy the outdoors safely.

Ann C

That's great news for Holly she's a sweet doggy. So glad to hear Percy & Daphne are both on the mend.