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fussing on sunday morning

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2012

caylee..are you here today? i need some help on my lunch break shaving around amber's eye??? her skin break down is getting worse....also if you have time and can shave and clean up bambi's face a bit..i can take her instead of fergie for the breakfast tv thing. hopefully her face stays clean for a couple of days???

really crappy sleep last night..weird dreams and i was awake every couple of hours. i think the problem is i am so tired that i keep falling asleep way too early while watching tv...last nght i don't think i even made it til 9.

i think next week i am going to try bonding tu with o'grady and lincoln. tu looks so lonely. if that works and i am feeling really brave..i might try princess leia with bob...but i need to have a really good plan to even try to pull off that match...both of those rabbits are firecrackers.

and what the is snowing again this morning? i thought we were done with this shit..i am planning my annual re-seeding and grass growing marathon and it is snowing? are you kidding me?????
isn't it supposed to be spring???

i am not a fan of this upcoming week...i have to get all of the saints errands done on monday (including trying to bond up tu..) cuz tuesday is a writeoff with the tv thing and then i am back to work for 5 more starting wednsday. i think this upcoming and following week (when we repeat the travels to TV land again) might just totally suck.

well..i better get moving, one more shift today to finish off last week...i should just worry about making it thru one week at a time...why fuss and worry ahead of time?

oh... i better remember i have to get out to see dixie tomorrow or i will miss my chance for the week. it was much easier keeping in touch with her here.


elaine erickson

Aww Fergie would have loved being on TV he would have been looking for balls

Janice ter Borg

Just keep thinking of how many animals may get adopted & donations SAINTS may get as a result of the media coverage! I'm coming to Abbotsford this Friday & I'm so excited that i get to help my sister, Debra on Saturday do her volunteer work in the MP!!!!!


Which TV stations and shows/times are you going to be on with the animals?


I feel so sorry for Tu as well, she looks so sad. It would be great if she bonded with O'Grady and Lincoln. But trying to pair up Princess Leia & Bob could be tempting fate!!!!!! It will be interesting...