Rescue Journal

a couple of things...

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2012

please keep the computer room door closed and remember that is odie land...small dogs (including tess and manny) stay away from him in the kitchen.

also..please don't let pinky drag himself around on the scrapes up his skin on his legs and underneath. he can be carried over to the school yard to drag around on the grass over there for a bit.

and speaking of grass...

and one last big thunking reminder...(before i actually kill somebody...) do not ever for any reason what so ever...ever, ever, ever..put hay down on the grass (or in the dirt where grass will soon once again be..) the farm animals can all walk to appropriate hay me..they really all can.

i invite everyone to go to the corner of 224th and 132nd in maple ridge and see horses living in two giant 10 acre fields of mud and dirt because their caregivers will not learn how to take care with the grass. it is very sad for the animals...lets not be stupid and do the same to our guys little couple of acres here.

grazing animals NEED grass.



Just a note. The Friskies at Costco is on coupon until the 15th if you need any next week.


lol shelagh....welcome to my world where forgetfulness is a well worn friend....and i so hate going to costco, never fear getting fired from that not so fun weekly chore!

pop me an email wth the total and i will leave a cheque here for you (if i don't forget!)

Bunny Horne

MO, I've picked up bananas, strawberries and pears for the barn guys tomorrow.


slightly off topic, but it is a bitch getting old. Had
3 things on my list to buy, apples, canned cat and dog
food. Forgot the apples. Looked at them and decided there were too many people around the vegetables at Costco so decided to get cans and come back. Was so
excited cat food was on sale $16 for 48 tins totally
lost my mind and walked out without apples. Should have
gone earlier, 11am on a holiday weekend at Costco. Lots
of people. Also, ended up bringing one of the cases of
cat food home with me, sort of hidden under a blanket. Good grief! Can you get fired from a volunteer position?


My car just died. Meghann and I are stuck on the freeway in maple ridge so we definitely won't be able to do the tour today.

Bunny Horne

Carol, you probably already noticed, Brent did fix Wills and Charlotte's latch. Wills helped with screwing the new latch in place. He actually had his mouth wrapped around Brent's hand with the screw driver in it the entire time. I was too damned slow to get a photo.
Brad's gate needs some tweaking. Brent will look at that on Sunday.
Brent removed the big blue ball from the drain pipe in the pond. The water levels should be improved. It was making a whirl pool and gurgling sound in the pond, Puff Daddy and Mystic were in the water trying to catch the whirl pool.
I had a fight with Chewy yesterday and the wee goat won. He and Pete were fascinated by the gentlemen working on the new cat walk. They busted past me and my heaping wheel barrow of poop and immediately ran to the nice shiny white GMC pick up truck in the riding ring. Chewy was trying to pull the nice chrome trim off of the truck. Needless to say, the guys almost had a stroke. It took two men and I to get Chewy and his accomplice, Pete, out of the riding ring. Apparently the owner wasn't a fan of GOAT DETAILING on his nice shiny truck.


I'm really sorry to the house crew, I won't be able to make it in this morning.