Rescue Journal

yikes...heads up to sunday volunteers...

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2012

tammy won't be in to do the mp building cats..jenn is doing the 11 am tour and i can't be home until noon so if folks could try to at least chip in a few minutes together and do a quickie tidy/clean in those areas, i would be totally grateful and i can finish up anything left when i get home for lunch...just leave me a note on what still needs to be done but at least it will be decent before any tours go thru. is on total house arrest (he had huge ear hematoma this morning and now has a drain in his ear flap)...if it comes out he will need full surgery and we are trying to avoid putting him under an anaesthetic because of his extreme age. also note: i had the clinic write "DO NOT CUT OFF" on his bandage because the flap of his ear is on the top of his head so if that dressing starts coming off and someone decides to cut it,, you could accidently cut off his ear...and that would freak everyone out!


Jenn and Derek

We can do the cats tomorrow with Tammy away. We are already in taking care of Dusty and Lucky it is no problem.


I'll come in at 9:00 am and do the shy guy cat room. Can do the other cats too


After I finish with the bunnies, I can lend a hand in the MP cat area if there's still stuff to be done.


Derek and Jennifer are doing the office and main area, its the two cat areas that will need doing.


hello is anyone there i am going to bed and need an answer to what to do tomorrow. thanks


My sister and I can come in again and do the shy guy area and also where Ollie and Maybelle are. Let me know if you need us

Janette Korabo

Could Al's hematoma have resulted from when Puff went after him on Friday?


would it be possible for me to come in at 830 and do the office, and the main area. i can not do the cats because of my allergies. i would have to leave be 1015 as i am taking my grandchildren to the easter egg hunt. let me know. the main area being lucky and dustys area.


If Jenn could come in early and show me what needs to be done in the MP cat area, I can clean between laundry loads


So sorry about bailing tomorrow, some unexpected complications came up.
Thanks for covering.