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saints dogs on Shaw TV Urban Rush today at 5 pm and 7 pm

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2012

mini me...tina...yoda, jedi..and jelly were todays TV stars...check them out in their cool canucks gear..and thank you urban rush and mary-jo for having us...and thank you to dawn and maggie for helping us to get there!

and yes everyone is correct (i looked!)...saints cannot win the petfinder challenge in back to back contests so great suggestion for everyone to vote for one of our other BC shelters..Turtle Gardens, VOKRA and Katies Place are all close to my heart..who else do you guys support too? maybe we can compile a list of potentials and see what we can do to help someone else win?

thx for the suggestions and support in the missing cameras post..i did speak to darcy from steel on your side and will let you know what happens there.

i do however have to be fair..despite our current dispute with Admiral and ADT over the nonexistent paid for cameras...ADT did send out a service person today (one of their own employees... not from another authorized dealer) to look at the false fire alarms from zone 7. kudos to them for maintaining our service agreement. he does have to come back to fix it..the problem is too complicated to repair today, they may have to re-wire the system. anyway, i am glad they came out today despite the other conflict...i thought that was nice and it made me feel a little bit better.



Every rescue is in the same boat scrambling for funds. I'll vote Fraser Valley Humane Society in this round.


Thank you for thinking about Katie's Place Carol :) May I humbly suggest that votes go to other animal organizations who are actively participating in the challenge? We have a ton on our plate right now with numerous special animal projects on the go outside of our regular day-to-day shelter stuff and really dont have the volunteer resources to drum up votes right now.

However, we would be delighted to support any other of our friends in Rescue. Cheers!


My vote will now go to Turtle Gardens for Yvette and Dave. Both Lady and Lippy origanlly came from TG and then their journey brought them to Saints, and they are now in their forever home! My daughter has also adopted their puppy Levi thru TG. Good hard working people with huge hearts!


Thanks for the heads up on Pet Finder votes. I read your posts and then vote every morning. Glad to hear you all won the last round so should stop voting for you for now. Sending my votes to Turtle Gardens, great people :)


Hi SAINTS supporters:
If you are looking for a worthwhile organization to direct your votes toward for the Petfinder Challenge, please consider Turtle Gardens.
They may face a double whammy in the near future. Their property sits in an area that floods in the spring and the snowpack in the north is extrememly large this year. If you follow their blog you will know that they flooded last year and Yvette had to evacuate with some dogs while husband Dave remained behind to try to protect what he could.
There was a huge explosion and fire at the Burns Lake sawmill earlier this year. As a major employer in the area, this has meant econonic devastation for many families. Many families will be unable to afford their pets and others will leave the area in search of new jobs. Yvette and Dave, as they always have, will rescue those dogs that families abandon or can no longer care for.
Turtle Gardens could really use the prize money from the Petfinder Challenge!


i am actually now voting for the fraser valley huname society thanks carly for the info.


Sorry, I posted this on the next thread in error. I meant to post it here.

Donald Budden, President of ADT Security Services Canada, Inc is an Excecutive Member of the Board of Directors for CANASA (Canadian Security Association).
CANASA’s Executive director is JF Champagne, email


Donald Budden, President of ADT Security Services Canada, Inc is an Excecutive Member of the Board of Directors for CANASA (Canadian Security Association).
CANASA's Executive director is JF Champagne, email

Bunny Horne

Just watched Urban Rush - an EXCELLENT segment about Saints Rescue, our guys, the Saturday and Sunday 11 am tours and of course lots of talk about
Well done.


Another shelter to vote for is the Fraser Valley Humane Society which is where I now volunteer.