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phoebe suddenly became ill today

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2012

she was shaky, lethargic, wouldn't eat and had to be carried back into the house this morning, renee took her down to the clinic. she is running a fever and is currently on IV's and stayng overnight in the clinic while we wait for the bloodwork and urinalysis to come xray of her abdomen did not show anything.
it is quiet here without the red whirling wonder..i hope she is feeling better and home again soon!

squirt also went into the clinic..he wasn't quite himself either. he also had an xray and nothing showed up on him either. the vet thinks it might be back pain and so he came home on a metacam dose. if he is not better tomorrow, he is to go back in for some bloodwork.

apparently your emails are somewhat working..i did get a call from one of the managers of ADT Canada. she was nice and sympathetic but so far no one from ADT has offered any solution. and i did get a call from admiral security (the abbotsford today reporter was currently there, thank you uys for covering this story!) and his best offer was for his company to keep $500 of what we paid them ( i am not sure why it is reasonable to keep $ can't be a re-stocking fee because we never got anything from them to re-stock) and then they would repay us the rest by installments over the next 6 or so months. huh? did they think our money was some weird kind of loan?

whatever..this whole thing is just such a royal pain in the neck..i just want someone with guts and honor to step up to the plate, accept responsibility, turn a wrong into a right and give us our money hard is that?

well..i am stressed and have been popping antacid tablets all day. maybe a hot bath and some time with the saints guys will make today's heartburn disappear for awhile.

i wish phebers was here...she is a pretty good distraction.


Heidi Wagner

Hi Maggie,
You may want to try freecycle or try the Re stores for humanity. The first one is a site where people put up or request things for free. The Re store collects donations of unwanted and unused building supplies and sells them below retail cost and proceeds go towards housing in poor areas.


Thanks Ron ;-)
Says alot about a company if they banned me for posting.
I made a big post and also commented on others posts. I didn't see them so it looks like I have been banned.


Maggie, hubby has gotten MANY free hedge plants on Craigslist. All he had to do was dig them out ;)

All the best in this battle Carol and crew. Criminal.



I don't pretend to know much about Facebook but your comments ARE still there. I think that means they banned you and, as a result you can't see those comments you made

Laura Anderson

Hello, here are some options to consider regarding your current $ reimbursement problem.

Lynda Steele, Steele On Your Side, CTV

investigates problems - you have a problem.

In your email, mention you were featured recently on CTV Breakfast Television. Include the link to the Abbotsford Today story. Include a link to your website and direct the Steele staff to your blog for specific info. Include a direct phone number and email address (your website contact info is too impersonal) and a contact name. Include a brief outline of the situation. Be prepared when they call you with all your information organized. If they don't call you, call them - get the folks at Breakfast Television to help you.

Try other television stations - CBC has Marketplace. Global may have an investigative team.

I saw nothing on your FaceBook page. Link your story onto other animal rescue sites so they can help spread the word.

The Abbotsford Today story is a good launch - make it work for you.
You have a lot going for you. People love to help animals but they don't want to extend themselves. This is perfect for them - they can help dump on the bad guy, and feel they are doing good for the animals.

The fact that you paid for this (in advance - why?) with donations is also a good tool. Get in touch with as many of those donors as you can and get them involved in the letter/email campaign. You know they will help you - they are true animal lovers.

Put pressure on the parent companies, ADT and Tyco and copy the local guy on everything - get an email /letter campaign going. Find out if the local guy is a member of the local chamber of commerce - are you a member? Find out how they can help you. Maybe he has other local business affiliations. Embarrass him.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, make sure you have all your ducks in a row and fact organized, particularly when you're involving the media - for example, you said you contacted BBB; they say they don't have anything in writing.

Finally, I know this all looks like a lot of work. It is worth it. You will prevail and you will win support for SAINTS. You are doing the good work. Remember that and go get 'em.


It turns out ADT is part of a larger organisation TYCO.

Interestingly TYCO has an Ombudsman.

Emailing that Ombudsman could have an effect.

Contact info:

Contact Ombudsman

Tyco's Corporate Ombudsman office ensures a direct, confidential, and impartial avenue to raise compliance-related concerns or issues. The office is designed to field compliance concerns from external constituencies - investors, suppliers and customers - as well as employees.

Reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, the Ombudsman's office is independent of functional management. It seeks the fair, timely and impartial resolution of all compliance issues. The Ombudsman is also a vehicle for improving compliance-related processes by sharing best practices and addressing systemic issues company wide.

The Office of the Ombudsman
Tyco International
9 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Toll-free: 877-232-4121


As most of you know I have Rumple living with me which is fantastic but....he has a habit of just walking in a straight line no matter what and I have twice stopped him from falling off the deck.
The solution is to put plain jane cedar planters around the deck as buffers but I just can't find any, other than 'estate' planters at a huge cost.
As you all get around the Lower Mainland could you keep an eye out for me.


Doh just noticed I was showing up as Mom lol dang fancy phone and my lousy texting skills


hope Phoebe is OK she is always so tough it is strange to think of her as not well. Well wishes for sguirt too..he must have been scared to leave the safety zone of SAINTS


Here is the reply I got back....

"Hi Lisa, we appreciate your concern. ADT Corporate is looking into the experience of Saints Rescue with Admiral Security. They are a separate company from ADT but authorized to sell our products and services. We take complaints like this very seriously and hoping for a mutually satisfying resolution."


Admiral's website has a little blurb with picture that says, "don't be a victim of crime" hmmmm...and yet they have stolen money from a charity. This really needs to get out there. Glad to see Abbotsford Today has started the ball rolling. Admiral didn't respond to my email of yesterday.


Abbotsfordtoday did a great job of covering this in several of their online publications.

From the fact that Admiral offered to refund $2500 but only over time suggests they have financial problems but their problems are not SAINTS problems!


ADT deleted all my posts on their FB site.
I would write a letter to all thepapers as well.
Many papers also have blogs so I am sure this is something they could blog about as well.
This would make a great Steele on your side story and I bet another company would step up and do it for free once they see the story.


Here is a link to the BBB:

If you file a formal complaint, they have (I think) 30 or 60 days to make it right with you. If they don't, it goes on their record for all to see.


Is something that CBC Marketplace might take up? I am sure this is not an isolated instance.


ADT could be the hero in this mess if they would step up to the plate and make things right instead they are part of the problem. The person in charge of public relations locally should be fired.
I think we should deal only with the head office of ADT, Ill check where they are located, and only deal with the head honcho. I dont think they want this kind of adverse publicity for a measly $3,300, peanuts to them but a lot to us.


hi bunny...i have been using the old fsshioned phone to try to talk to both ADT and Admiral...Admiral Security is located in Coquitlam BC and ADT's Regionl Office is in Burnaby BC.

hi pam...i did make a complaint to the BBB in march not much happened with that.

ADT believes this is not their problem..i asked ADT to come here and install security cameras and they decided in their wisdom to send Admiral to us as their authorized dealer to fulfill our security needs. i specifically did not pick a small private company..i wanted a big, national name that we could trust to avoid exactly this kind of thing.

i had no idea that apparently ADT does not believe itself directly responsible for the actions of the authorized dealer companies they send out in their company name.


Get well soon Phoebe!

Carold I'm sure you have thought of it but have you contacted the BBB on both of these companies? It's a pain in the ass to file a complaint but sometimes it's well worth it. This is so unfair. Good luck!

Bunny Horne

Carol, I would love to write to this company, but I want to ensure I am writing to the correct party. Can you post the correct contact please. Much Thanks. Hope Miss Phoebe is better today.


Carol, Ryan and I'll be in around 7:3o tomorrow to get everything done before 11:30. Can we come right into the hOuse or should we star with krista in the MP building till a more decent time?


I hope the metacam works for little Squirt - the vet visit must have been traumatic for him - hope he doesn't have to return for more tests. I bet it's quiet without Phoebe's - she won't be happy staying at the vet's either - hope she's ok too.

Lisa Kish

This is one I found for Admiral that I emailed


Could you post the email address that we should use to let Admiral Security know how we feel about their unethical business practices?

another Doreen

I think they should be donating an extra $500 instead of charging SAINTS for services not rendered! I hope everyone feels better soon, including you Carol!


Hope the crew is all OK. Don't settle for anything but all your money back. Crazy!


How frickin rude - you get your refund in payments and they get to keep 500 bucks from donors. I dont think so. Get well Phobe - come home soon.