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good news

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2012

a couple of years ago we met a really nice rescuer from california..he brought up a few deathrow sick seniors for us from LA..his name is eldad, today he made a $2000 donation to saints (thank you so much eldad..our vet bills are big time piling up again!!!)

anyway..shelley knows eldad too and she sent me this video of one of his rescues.

there is a great deal of horror in this world..but there is also a great deal of good. lucky for fiona this world has eldad.

(sorry, i don't know how to make this an actual link so just copy and paste it into the top addressy thing.)



Eldad has a facebook page too -- with lots of updates on Fiona's recent fame...and his othe rescues too:

cheryl and stef

I have been watching Eldad's videos for some time and i agree. That little face of Fiona's omygosh. Thank goodness for Carol's and Eldad's out there.

Janice ter Borg

OMG! I LOVE Eldad and his wife Audrey Hagar. I watch their videos all the time. They run Hope for Paws, an amazing animal rescue. He is a true dog whisperer.


There truly is great people walking this earth. Fiona was so fortunate that one walked down the path to find her . The shots of her playing are heartwarming. Bless you Eldad