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update and clarification on the camera saga

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2012

the BBB does have a file on was filed on-line by myself in March 2012 ( i have a receipted copy of the claim that BBB sent to me on my computer).. file #90144633. ADT had received the complaint because someone from their customer service dept. called me a week ago specifically about the BBB complaint and left a voice mail message for me to call them back (i have their message saved on my phone), i did call her back and left her a voice mail message which has not yet been returned.

CTV's Steele on your Side came out today and met our animals and did an interview...they took shots of all of the documentation and all of the cashed and cleared cheques (3)...lynda is super nice and she really seemed to like ellie a lot which puts her right in the top of my most favorite people book!

ADT did finally begin to call me yesterday and they have called me again today to say they are seriously working on this (i have to say it is too bad no one a month ago seemed interested enough to return my phone calls..the interest seemed to begin when all of your calls and emails came in....THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!)
i have also spoken with the owner of Admiral today, he told lynda when she interviewed him that he is going to return our money and i said the second a certified cheque hits our hands for the entire amount, the matter is over and done with.....(if it was me..i would courier it out pretty darn quick.)

cuz here is the thing...i don't want to hurt anyone..i live with a few real jerkoids of dogs and i don't hurt them. and i did give both of these companies not only a month full of chances, but several warnings about our having to go public. the money we paid them was not my belonged to the animals here at saints. it was donated and fundraised so that we could care for them safely and responsibly..i am morally (and probably legally) obligated to get it back for them if i possibly can.

people made choices here...ADT chose to send Admiral Security as their authorized dealer to our gates. Admiral chose to take our money back in December 2011 and then chose not to install the cameras we paid for. both Admiral and ADT chose not to return my phone calls and ignored my warnings that we would go public if our money was not returned.
sadly one month later the shit hit the fan when our donors and supporters got mad.

i am not even remotely a business-minded person and even i could see where this was headed....right into a giant business customer service trainwreck.

how freaking sad.

you know what tho?...maybe next time someone gets a call from a very unhappy customer..maybe they will take the time and make the effort to help their customer out before the train careens off the tracks.

even a bunch of old and wrecked, homeless animals in the middle of dinky nowhere have good friends who will stand up for them. it was you guys who had the power to make someone listen to us.

i will let you know when the CTV's steele on your side segment airs and if we ever actually do get our money back and until then i am done with worrying about this for is out of my hands.

now to me the really great news of the day is....phoebe is home from the vets. it looks like a kidney infection and she is on antibiotics and hopefully will feel well again in a couple of days.



LB, I did thank the Abbotsfordtoday and they actually posted this on their website on Friday.


thx for the heads up LB..i did thank them in the phoebe is sick post but as i was correcting the typing errors at the same time..(long story but this key board drops letters, it is a pain.), it went to autosave (several times) not post like i thought and i didn't thanks for letting me know, i went in and restored the correct autosaved one. and i am very grateful to abbotsford today for picking up the story. sorry for my technical mess ups i suck at computer stuff.


It's fantastic that this issue is nearly resolved. But I noticed in your update that CTV was the only media thanked for their coverage. As a long time supporter of SAINTS I would also like to thank Abbotsford Today and the Today Media Group for supporting our little society. We sure do appreciate it.


You know.. this would be such a fantastic opportunity for a security company to stand up and donate the cameras.. What great PR that would be :)

Grant Hayter-Menzies

I'm so glad to hear that there is a light at the end of the ADT/Admirals tunnel. Bravo to you Carol for holding them to the principle of doing the right thing. That's not hard for us or, really, for most people, but there are some folks out there who don't have a clue.

Les and I - and Freddie - are still on a cloud after our visit to the farm last weekend!

Bunny Horne

BRAVO Miss Phoebe. BRAVO volunteers/donors. ADT and ADMIRAL Security - SHOW CAROL THE MONEY!!!!!


Glad to hear Phoebe is on the mend; red dervishes are important.

Good job on the other stuff, Carol!


squirt is ok know i just realized he is getting up there in age...he was 4 and a half when he came many years ago was that now?
funny, i still think of him as a suppose he is compared to 17 yr old manny and al!


Great to hear ADT is finally waking up! - about time - Glad to hear about Phoebe - How is Squirt??


Sounds like good news all around.
Especially happy to hear about Phebes. I was worrying about her all day. Enough of being sick.

another Doreen

Good job Carol! Looks like you have your ducks in a row!

But how are Phoebe and the others?