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what is with us?

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2012

why are we such a self serving race? why is it about what we want or what works best for us all the time? what happened to the differences between right from wrong, good from bad..should or shouldn't?

this isn't about the camera thing..this is about why are all of these animals here?

why would i even remotely be considered an angel because i am willing to mop esther's pee off the floor? i am not an angel..i have a mop and i freaking well love her is all.

esther is a good dog...esther can't help that she is getting really old..why isn't esther in her original home?

how many homes has esther actually had and why did she get booted out of them all?

why at the end of esther's very long life is there only a shelter willing to care for her?

how many of you have met her? you know what i am saying here...esther is a wonderfully kind and gentle and sweet and loyal and loving and well behaved dog.
so why is she here?

it just boggles my brain over how selfishly stupid her past humans were.




Hi Carol;
I named her Stella, she's still at the Vets as her holding period won't be up util Monday then I can bring her home. We started her on Antibiotics yesterday for a UTI and Metacam for her weak back end. I went and had a visit and took her out for a walk today and I couldn't believe the difference from yesterday. She wagged her tail when she saw me and actually sat beside me and looked at me while I pet and we chatted. pain was obviously an issue. Tomorrow I have her booked in for a nice bath(she's a bit smelly) and then she'll come home with me. Wish me luck it's never easy to intorduce an unspayed female into the pack!! P.S I bought smarties and we'll be sharing those this afternoon when I go back :) Thanks for your help, you'll be hearing from me again soon I'm sure!!!


Colin you made me cry this morning. I too am going thru the same thing with my 16 year old border collie. It breaks my heart to see her struggling trying to get up so she constantly needs a helping hand to get her on her way. She has the odd accident in the house which we immediately clean up. It's the least we can do for this wonderful old dog. She and my little russell who has passed on used to come for runs on the dykes with me, me on my bike and those two charging along beside me, it seems so long ago now. I just couldn't imagine giving her up because she's more work now. We have had to carry her up and down the stairs for months but she is still trucking around, going for her short walks daily and eating. I know it won't be long now as her heart is giving out but as long as she still has some quality to her life and is not in pain she will be with us.


hi rae...good on you again!!!!
no the package has not yet arrived (as far as i know but i don't pick up the mail either,i am sure it will eventually get here.)

re: the poor old starved dog...metabolic disturbances can certainly cause dementia..and starvation can certainly mess up the metabolic system in the body.

i use high protein fish diets to bring starved animals back again...high in antioxidents, high in the B vitmins and easier proteins to process and digest than the red or white meat diets... (less effort, more gain for the body)

other reversable things that can cause dementia like symptoms...are chronic, unrelieved pain...stress, poor vision or hearing, untreated cardiac disease is a big one.
it took her a long time to get like this so don't worry if she takes a long time to come back from this...just look for itsy bitsy tiny baby steps and you will know you are on the right track.

what is her name?

oh and buy her some happy pills...i use smarties...nothing like a smartie popped into your mouth a few times a day to make you to feel well loved and safe. (don't worry about that whole chocolate thing..smarties have next to nothing for actual real chocolate, but they still taste great!)


Animals are left behind because they are not valued, especially when they become too much work. They are also not our species, so from an evolutionary standpoint, they don't mean a lot to our survival.

Our mentality towards them needs to change, and I believe that it will, one day. Speaking as someone who has been very selfish at times, I know how a person can think, and how to rationalize away responsibility. Our species is very good at a lot of things... but we are not good at seeing the big picture sometimes. And the big picture with pets is, they grow old. They become more difficult to manage. They become more work. More expensive. We just haven't accepted that. We want what we want.

I often think it would be better if we could have a pet who started out being old. Incontinent, medically expensive and needy, slower, less playful... and grew backwards to puppy or kitten-hood. So that as a pet owner you EARNED the right to have your pet young and healthy and relatively easy to look after. You had to care for them for years when they were old, before you got to enjoy the cute puppy or kitten.

Of course, there are many flaws in this plan, but you get my point.

Janice ter Borg

Colin, you are a wonderful mommy. Your comments made me cry cuz i can completely relate.


Hi Carol 2 questions Did my parcel of flea medication arrive? Secondly can starvation cause symptoms of dementia? If so will the symptoms lessen once the dog is provided with good nutrition in a low stress environment? I've just adopted a senior dog that was found way out of town on a logging road. The thinnest dog I've ever seen, incredibly matted and so dirty. She's stopped circling, her eyes seems somewhat vacant and I'm just wondering if she'll ever look at me and actually see me?


Who wouldn't want to clean after a dog like Esther, now Oliver (my Oliver) is another thing. Can we trade!


I am so happy that my hubby and friends came out today to see the AWESOME animals at SAINTS AND Laura whom (who) gave a terrific tour. (FYI Eri did the the tour last week and she was Awesome!. I am totaly in love with Pinky and Jazzy - Dog help me : )


coln is a mommy with a pretty cool name...sam sounds like a pretty damn cool dog too.

thx to both colin nd jamie for posting such kind thoughts.

jamie bryk

Carol you may call it "a shelter" but it is "home" to all. That makes you mum to everyone. As you know "mum" means many things, cook, maid,& bottle washer, most of all giver of unconditional love, & I must say you do it beyond approach!

PS: Colin you are a good daddy.


She looks perfect to me. My 14 year old lab cross fell in our yard near the creek this morning and couldn't get up. My husband and I both scrambled to get to him and felt like we had let him down terribly. He pooped twice in our home and there were countless times we needed to pick up his rear end to help him to the door. When Sam was younger he could run like the wind. Now he is an old dog barely able to walk. My heart is broken because we know the end is soon as he is a dignified dog that gave use nothing but love. He was my running partner and the one who got me out of the house for twelve years. I would give anything for one last run together but I know that won't happen. I am now content to clean his poo and tell him I love him. When he feels up to it I take him to the park so he can sniff and pee on stuff. People look at him and feel sorry for him. I tell them it is ok he is fourteen and we have done everything right. I will be the last set of eyes he looks in before he finally rests. He will know how much we love him and how much he meant to us as a family. Ester has you and she knows that you are now doing everything right and how much you love her. You cannot change other people's mistakes but you can certainly let her know how treasured she is now. You are so honorable and the decisions you make you should never second guess. I am truly amazed by your kindness. I bet Ester is too.


i have no answer for this. but, i have been researching where to buy a dog ramp and i came across a business in abby that ive never heard of. its called pet access solutions and its in business therefore it must make money from customers, which means more and more people are buying things to make their old dogs life easier. baby steps...better than none at all i guess. and shit, sorry about leaving the env/cards on your comp desk, i wasnt sure where you wanted them put up, if anywhere. please can a sunday house vol put them wherever carol says to? zoe? brenda? someone :)