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ok..i sort of fixed the freaking thing...

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2012

the electrical plug has died so now i have 100 feet of extension cord curled under my feet...geez...why don't we have any shorter extension cords???

laura took harry and black bart home on trial for fostering far it looks like it is going to work out ok. jenn took bruiser home today on foster trial...not sure how he will adjust to not only apartment living but with being alone for large chunks of the day cuz jenn and jiv both work. it is worth a shot and if it works it works and if it doesn't..he comes home again.

i had just settled the dogs down for a nice late afternoon rest and had just moments before joined them when suddenly the whole place erupted cuz someone was at the gate. i couldn't hear very well but apparently their dog is here and they wanted to see him...not sure which dog it was cuz i couldn't really hear over the barking. anyway..i just said we were closed, i was too tired to get into details and listen to how much someone loved whoever was here.

but honestly people don't get one's animal is here cuz these guys are here because they either were given away by or legally taken away from... their previous owners. these animals are now saints animals not someone elses from the past. this is not a holding facility for folks to pop in and out of to visit or ask for their pets back whenever the mood strikes. why can't people just let these animals move on with their lives? if they wanted to be with them so badly, they should have kept them and looked after them well.
it frustrates me and it just upsets the animals. AND it reminded me yet again of why we wanted the cameras...(2 to moniter the elderly barn animals at night...and 2 to protect our staff, volunteers and the animals here from pissed off folks whose animals were seized by the spca.)

i could have done without the camera reminder today.

anyway now that i am thinking about it couriered certified cheque has arrived (kind of like the cameras) so i am not holding my breath hoping for a satisfactory resolution. i do feel like we are getting the run around...everyone says they are working on it but nothing really gets done. it is a good thing none of the players are nurses cuz the patients would be dead before anyone came up with a plan.

tomorrow i am going to try for a whole 24 hours of not thinking about security cameras.



This was just posted on ADT's FB page in response to comments from me and someone else (there have been a number of comments about SAINTS over the past few days): "Hi Lisa and Ann. ADT Corporate would like to update that Admiral Security has agreed to refund Saints Rescue the full amount it received for this job. We take matters like this very seriously, thank you for your concern."... so let's hope that happens quickly! We'll all keep the pressure on :)


yes it is hard to understand why such awesome cats like Harry and Bart sit unwanted in shelters.....they are both so loving and fit right in with my gang....Harry is like having another dog, he follows me all over the Dionne, Harry would love to have you pop in one day for a visit.


well we're happy to keep up the pressure about cameras for you :) I just posted again on ADT's FB wall ( -- I've never gotten an answer to my email to them last weel, but i'll definitely be sending another one!


laura your so lucky, i just love harry! and jenny i got my fingers crossed for you and bruiser, hes so cute!


Carol, a friend of mine contacted her friend in California who works for ADT. He said that contacting the head of North America in Boca Ratan, FL was the way to go as they do take these kinds of things seriously and they are very big into non-profits. They even used to have a special fund to help non-profits.

shelagh f

I will be by Wednesday AM with canned goods, and apples.
Hope I overlapped enough the last week so no one ran
out. Be careful with your extension cord. You do have
many guys that could chew the cords. Well, maybe just
Mystic, everyone else probably got that out of their
system when they were younger.