Rescue Journal

home is where the bread (or the ball) is....

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2012

first thing this morning i spied charlotte loping across to the loafing shed with her head held high and in her mouth a giant loaf of bread.....SCORE!!!!
(thx janice for making the pigs day start with a pretty big HAPPY!)

i took the three leaky weiners into the vet today...daph is good..pinky and jazzy had to stay til they forked over some urine. i went to pick them up at 5..pinky cooperated so he got to come home. jazzy just kept dribbling little drops which kept her bladder empty so she has to stay overnight to fill up and they can get enough for a sample. i saw her before i left with pinky and she for sure did not want to stay!

pinky does have a urinary tract infection so he is on baytril for couple of weeks. he was hilarious when we got home, he slid all around the kitchen in high speed til he finally found his green kermit the frog head ball, then he stared at it til i reached over to get it for him and then he grabbed it, rushed over to the food bowl dropped it in and had something to eat. when he was done he picked the ball up and went and laid down with manny on the big bed.

i guess i should have taken his ball with him to the vet.



Barb, I'm really sorry to hear of your health issues. I only worked with you once on a Saturday, but thought you were great! Get better, and come back soon.


thx me at work when he is done so i can stop worrying.

i have no idea how he came by the name pinky janey..but somehow it suits him to a "T."

hi doreen..we are photo-less til jenn gets her camera does have wheels which he does use when he is out of the house.

so sorry barb that you are not well, take care of yourself and don't worry, the crippled crew will be here when you feel better.
hugs to you!

yes renee, brit can stay here and i will let you know which days i am off so you can grab me a ticket...thx!


Carol do you mind if Britney stays at Saints during my show? I'll be staying in chilliwack the whole time, so it will be from the 25-29. Also the dates and times for my show are Wednesday the 25th at 6:50 pm, Saturday the 28th at 3:45 pm and Sunday the 29th at 7:45 pm if your wanting to come see me! If you want to come let me know and I'll get tickets for you, they are $5 a ticket and you get two shows which is about an hour.


Pinky is such a sweet fiesty little guy - I just love him.

NOTE to The Saturday House Crew:
I just got back from emergency; I had a lengthy stay got an x-ray and shot of morphine.
I am going for a CT scan either tomorrow or Wed. I am being referred to a nero-surgeon as well.
The Doctor also wants me to get an MRI.
I don't know when I will be able to come back and help out - but I do know that I will be back
I will miss all of you and of course all the lovely animals that I am starting to get attached to.
Kind regards, Barbara


you have to post some pictures of Pinky with his green ball! I love daschunds too. Sounds like he gets around without the wheels? I saw a picture of him with some wheels on his back legs earlier?

Janette Korabo

Hey Carol, Brent did stop by to see Percy but he couldn't get a good look at the sutures, so he is coming back tomorrow to sedate him and take them out.