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the problem with one hundred foot extension cords running across the floor is......

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2012

benny takes a big, long stretch and knocks the plug out of the wall right in the middle of a post. i ain't writing that post all over again... my mind is now somewhere else. the other thing that kind of sucks too is there is now one hundred feet of extension cord coiled under my feet on the dog bed that the dogs like to sleep on ...ripples in the unhappy pond of dead electrical outlets.

oh well i will eventually call an electrician and get it fixed...not right now tho cuz the priority is paying some vet bills..even if it is inconvenient, the temporay extension cord solution to no power to the computer... works.

vet runs today are all three of the neurogenic bladder daxi's...daph for a recheck and jazzy and pinky to ensure there is no hidden infections silently waiting to suddenly take them down. next week the neurogenic bladder checks are manny (spinal disease) and coco (the poor leaking cat from too many unsuccessful urinary tract surgeries in his past.)

well..i better get moving..last day off today and i know we need barn feed and apples again..i need to sit down and figure how much we can pay on each outstanding vet account and i REALLY have to clean my car out.

the first phone call today was at was from the pedigree adopton grant folks..making sure we had gotten this years contract and sent it back. they called so early because they are back east. anyway luckily i had just gotten up and could tell them i signed it and i am sure ann has mailed it cuz she is far more organized than me!
i just want to say that Pedigree has provided us with a generous grant to help care for our sick and senior animals for the past several years...they have been kind and patient with me over the paperwork cuz they get we are really busy. the grant money they gave us last year was $7500 which put a big payment on our vet bills.
now there is a good and helpful and concerned about homeless animal welfare company.




i appreciate the offer curt but i think i will wait for a certified electrician...last time i let a non professional goof around with our wiring, we had an electrical fire in the mp cat room..i am sure you could fix this for me no problem but i am electrical paranoid now...once burnt, twice shy.

Chris T

I got a tweet back and I have responded with the same question about timing and the $800 they were going to deduct.


i got the exact same form letter response to my post on their FB page Maggie -- and immediately also wrote: "That is good news... thanks! Please also keep track of this and make sure that they really do do this in a timely manner! SAINTS, like all non profits, doesn't have extra money sitting around and time to wait for refunds!"

Keeping the pressure on... we'll get that money back!


Yeah to Pedigree! Now back to ADT and Admiral...

Maggie:ADT Security Services Facebook page Friday at 5:43pm · ..It is hard to believe a major company like ADT would not step up to the plate and make sure Saints has a full refund plus install the cameras at no charge.
They have handled this situation so badly it is hard to understand where their advisers are in all this.
I, along with many more, will make sure Saints get their money back as will major media. A national TV network is following up as of today and print media is on the case.
All of this could have been avoided if ADT had any ethics.


ADT Security Services Hi Maggie. ADT Corporate would like to update that Admiral Security has agreed to refund Saints Rescue the full amount it received for this job. We take matters like this very seriously, thank you for your concern.about an hour ago ·

Maggie rely: Good news. However, is ADT going to follow up to make sure Admiral Security actually follows through and sends the refund within the week? Admiral has so far made many promises they have not kept so the proof will be in the receipt of a cashier's cheque.2 seconds ago ·

Please keep the pressure on...ADT just wants this to go away.