Rescue Journal

can't sleep

Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2012

some day when i have nothing to do, i will count up all of the hours of sleep lost to worry in rescue.
such is life.

jazzy came home from the vets today..she did eventually fork over enough urine to determine that she is currently bladder infection free so that was good news.

i don't know how it went today with percy..the vets hadn't been here by the time i came home for lunch and i was so distracted during the afternoon, that i forgot to call here and find out. sorry about that percy, i suck. it was dark when i got home, but i will go out and check him first thing in the morning before i leave for work.

john called me today to tell me the draw bridge doors to the upper manure bin ramp are complete...that's a big YAY! hopefully when the cartage company switch the bins again at the end of the month, they will be able to bring in the right sized bin so we can start dumping the wheelbarrows from the top instead of struggling to fork it up from the bottom. that will save a ton of stress on everyone's backs once that is done.

i don't know why it is so cold in here tonight..i have the furnace and fireplace on but i am still freezing.

i am trying to decide if i boot junebug off the couch, if i might have more success tonight trying to sleep there. i think sometimes a change in location might help one sleep....maybe not tho cuz june looks pretty content sleeping there.

oh..i have good news! the increase in my life insurence policy was approved so if i wake up dead in the next ten years saints should be able to carry on and manage for a decent amount of time (it is only a 10 year policy before i get too old and the monthly premiums go way too high to keep it longer then that.)
hopefully in ten years i will be retired and someone else can be awake and worry about stuff in the night.

i don't really have any funnies to tell..pinky was cute with his ball again when i got home. odie started ripping the shit out of a pee pad for fun. everyone else was just boringly ready and waiting for bed when i got home so i quickly did up the diabetics and meds.

my big excitement tonight was changing the sheets on my bed, but since the bed buddies are enjoying them and i am currently not, it is not really exciting for me all that much.

i think i need some major worry distracting so how about we all forget about cameras and refunds for a little while and we do another Q&A.
you guys can ask me a myraid of questions about how whoever you want to know about is doing and then i can concentrate on giving you guys all the updates?????
please?...i need some help getting my head back in the right animal focused place and that should keep my mind cheerfully animal busy for at least a couple of days.

be a pal...ask away....



My cats Sam and Peter both seem to have picked up a cold or uri since i brought Harry and Bart home. Neither H OR B are sick so my question is can they still carry the bug and then pass it on.....secondly do i have to take them to the vet or can i get antibiotics without taking them in


Maybe one of those 5-sided palstic box-like flip-up covers you put over outside plugs to keep the rain out would thwart the little Zig-meister's efforts on behalf of your power company :).


KO, could you please call me, 604-792-5421
I'm trying to post the update on Travis Firth and the promise of the check on our websites but when I called his office he was already gone for the day.


my adorable little nef Amiko and SIL may be coming out this weekend from prince george. He is an actor and is on an audition so it is a quick in-out trip.
I sent them both the link to one of the SAINTS video's that had Pops in it. He emailed SAINTS and wanted to come over and take care of Pops right away. Sheila let Amiko know Pops had a good life at SAINTS and was now gone. Ameko and Amber were very moved by the work done at SAINTS and are now really big fans.
Both my of them really want to come to SAINTS while they are here; however, They may not be able to make the 11:00 Saturday tour due to his audition stuff.
Could I request a tour for them if 11:00 Saturday does not work? I would be happy to make an additional donation for this extra tour - Please let me know - thank you

re: retiring early Carol, both Kevin and I have been going over our funds / pensions recently with our FA, and are trying out when we can retire from "working for money" - I am really hopeful for 55; although I will still need to work, maybe I could get a job at SAINTS :) The hardest part is being comfortable during the bridge between 55 and 65 or 67 (however the current government screws around with CPP or not - no bitterness there at all - LOL)


Were you able to bond Tu with the other bunnies?
Let me know when you wanted me to pop out and talk rabbits ;-)

another Doreen

Re the green ball: I've read that animals are somewhat colour-blind, but I know my late Cocker Spaniel Brandy was passionate about her hot pink balls. I don't know if they smelt different or what but she preferred them and could see which one she wanted if you held up or threw two different coloured ones. Do any other SAINTS have colour preferences?

Carol Ann

hope Turtle Gardens gets some much needed money too. Carol how is my little Maybe doing.


I wasn't getting any response by e-mail from ADT so I thought I would do it the old fashioned way, with a phone call to Head Office in Missasauga Ontario. I spoke to Mr Travis Firth(Director of Dealer Development) regarding SAINTS dilema. He has stated he is very aware of the situation re Facebook and e mails. He also stated that a territory manager from ADT and area manager from Admiral will be hand delivering a cheque to the lawyers office TODAY! Let's hope they stand up to their word. So hopefully by days end Carol will be able have a good nights sleep!!


How is Andy doing? Is he still so fearful? Does he have any special friends amongst the dogs or the volunteers?


can you provide 3 sets of dates ( 48 hour blocks) so the barn crew can figure out when we can try to fill your boots ( she says as she shakes in her own ) :-)


Hi SAINTS supporters and blog readers,
Thank you for helping Turtle Gardens with your votes in the Petfinder Challenge!
Keep on voting and hopefully they can win some $$$.

Question for Carol's Q & A.

Carol, was there one animal or event that got you on the road to establishing SAINTS and what was that?


Carol, don't give up on ADT/Admiral now...let your supporters and blog readers keep up the pressure. You are doing exactly what they want you do do - go way. I will step in anytime, I am sure Maggie will as well if you want us to. We can do this!

I am voting for Turtle Gardens every day! Go Turtle Gardens Go!!!!

My Question: How is Holly doing? It's been 2 weeks since you started giving her medication, any improvments?

Barb H

It looks like some of your votes may have switched over to Turtle Gardens, they are coming up and saints is dropping in the pet finder challenge, so yeah thanks saints supporters.


If you could only have one species of pet, and only one of them , what would it be and why?


Hi Carol - do you think that Billy & Ray would accept Tu in their nice spacious double run? With Spiffy gone, they may be happy for the company of another bunny. Tu is still so lonely. Then maybe Leia could move into the bigger run that Tu was in - Leia still seems kind of depressed in the run she was moved to a while back. All the bunnies seem to be doing well right now - Amber's eye is great, and even Stevie's eye was looking good last weekend.


Hi Carol, I just went to ADT website and posted a comment also. They said on Monday they agreed to reimburse the full amount. I sure hope you get the money soon and get some sleep!


hi doreen...they are getting along fine but yes pinky has transferred his obsession from daphne to the creepy green ball. to get ready for work, i will answer any more questions when i get home.
thx you guys..i am starting the day feeling cheerful!!

another Doreen

How are the daxies getting along? Seems I remember that Pinky was obsessed with daphne or has he transferred that to the green ball?


hi suzanne...ziggy is good... except.....he has developed a new somewhat expensive trick. he has figured out how to turn the barn lights on and off. instead of clap on, clap is nose on, nose off.
my bedroom faces the barn so now i watch the inside and outside lights go on and off ALL night long. our hydro bill jumped from just over $700 to $1000 in the last month. now i am kind of wondering how much of that increase is from ziggy amusing himself with the lights at night....or did hydro sneak in a smart meter without me seeing?

hey janet!..thx so much, yes i did finally sleep from sometime after 2 until just after 6 so that was good!
carl likes fresh baby carrots better than anything. he likes them so much he will actually stretch out his very long, and very shy neck to take them gently from your fingers.

re the one can access those website pages except for nicole and she is super busy working fulltime shift work at animal emergency and managing her own mini wrecked previous saints crew. she is slowly switching their bio pages to links to the petfinder site cuz then we are actually techno savy enough to get in there and update their pages when needed. it will take a bit of time to get everyone switched over.

hi is good, his turban head bandage is off. the tube miraculously is still in his ear flap and did its job to drain out the fluid. he is still on oral and ear drop anibiotics for his ear infection but he feels pretty good. al is such an amazing dog!

hi pam...mystic is great! so far healthy and happy and no sign of her kidney disease. we have not repeated any bloodwok since her spay last year..quite frankly, i am afraid to.... right now i can pretend she is a perfectly normal, spoiled ROTTEN sweet fluffy girl forever to be eating my channel changers...which by the way i am proud to say...i am still holding on to number 17 and keeping it safe...YAY!

janet nicholson

Morning Carol -hope you got some sleep! I have two questions for you - first, what does Carl Elliott like to eat as a treat? tim bits? Apples?
Second, why do some animals on the website not show any information when you click on them - for instance, Floyd. My grand-daughter is one of Floyd's sponsor - and I am curious!
Loved the story of Lottie and her loaf of bread - that would be something funny to see!