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ok answer time...

Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2012

re: the refund cheque.... as of 4:50 pm... when i last spoke to our lawyers office, (just before closing at 5 pm,) the agreed upon certified cheque had not arrived. i won't go in to the gong show details of the promises, the clearly stated expectations and back and forth crap..i just know that by 4:50 pm today, there was no certified refund cheque for saints there.

so moving on to the questions...
hi laura..if the cats are sick and need antibiotics they need to go into the vet..just make an appointment and i will call the clinic tomorrow and authorize sad sam and peter coming in. they are saints fosters so it isn't a problem if they need to see the vet.

penny and lisa...i am too busy and distracted to do a decent bunny bonding right now but i wll get to it as soon as i can. the plan is to attempt a bonding between tu, lincoln and o'grady as that has the best chance of being successful. ray has proven himself in the past of being too violently aggressive with unknown rabbits to let near an extremely vulnerable senior bunny like tu.

dawn...i do in fact think that holly is settling down a bit...she seems more relaxed and content. but i will not screw around turning her world upside down again...she will remain a permanent resident.

hey mo...i will look at my schedule on the weekend and we can sort thru a few possible dates.

hi sheryl...andy is well..he is very good friends with mystic and jesse and al and seems quite content with that.

no problem barb to arrange a separate tour for your family as long as i am off work and available to do it. just let me know the date and time you are thinking about and i will see if i am on a day off.

funny you should ask about the color thing doreen..the only thing i can think of off the top of my head is that cole used to absolutely detest other white or light colored dogs.

tracy and shelley, i can answer both of your questions with one single story....(shelley.. i pick a dog.)

when i was a young child of about 7 or 8, my grandmother came to live with my family, she was dying of cancer. she had little dog named buzzy, he was old and had a seizure disorder. when she died, buzzy stayed with my family and he and i became very good friends. i loved him so much that one day i borrowed my father's prayer book (he was an anglican priest) and performed a marriage ceremony for buzzy and me on my grandmother's empty bed ( i was a weird little kid.).

about a year later my parents had him euthanized when he bit my friend norman in the back of the leg when norman was chasing me during a game of tag.

and to this day.. i still remember what a loyal and great friend buzzy was to me when i was a child..(i love you buzz.)

it all started 45 years ago with the bond between an old, wrecked, grieving dog and a lonely, dog loving girl.



i never got to say good bye to him or even a chance to plead to keep him..he was already gone when they told me. i know they were trying to be kind and protect me. but i still remember how much i felt like i had somehow betrayed him because i wasn't there to save him.

(sigh...i am sure a therapist would have a blast with this considering my current life.)

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Carol, you've made us love Buzzy, too.

When I was a child and our pets died, our parents said it was OK to grieve, becaus we had a lost a member of the family. My father made the little coffins, my mother made satin pads for the pet to rest on, and we children conducted a "service" by reading randomly from an old family Bible. The pet was buried under a favourite tree or bush, and we always remembered them when the flowers came. You were not a weird little kid, you were wonderfully normal.

Our best to you - Grant, Les and Freddie