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is there anyone available...

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2012

to join me in attending a final event in a park in burnaby on sunday from 11-3. this is the final dog in the park event of a nice group of people who have been collecting supplies and donations for us for the last little while. apparently our van will be pretty full of supplies on our return drive back to the sanctuary....yay!! would be nice to have some company.

waaahhh.. i don't feel good this, headachy and queasy...i would like to blame it on stress but a bunch of the nurses felt crappy yesterday so i am assuming it is a viral thing. i did get a really great sleep last night of about 8 straight undisurbed hours so i am pretty happy about that. AND i am pretty damn happy that i got daphne, pinky AND jazzy all off my bed this morning before anyone leaked!!...yay for them and yay for me.
i guess i better start dragging my butt around and get dressed for work and poke the diabetics before i leave.
i do wish there were two of me to do all of my stuff and one to go back to bed and sleep some more for me.



I am also available if needed ... so long as Bru could join us. I guess we owe you for the two Bru noon walks :) Let me know.

shelagh f

If you think you might need another van, just in case
I have one and am available. I would have to meet you there. I'm sure you will have lots of offers of help.
I just heard on the radio, it may be 17 degrees Sunday.
Wouldn't that be nice. But what does the weatherman

Doreen*from Maple Ridge*the one who loves daxi's!

Carol, the world needs a million of you.


I have to go to Burnaby for a meeting at 10 o'clock I could get my husband to drop me off at the park after, not sure what time that will be, would that work for you?