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Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2012

tonight i finally got around to looking at the outside chicken coop. the staff very nervously confessed to dragging branches and hog fuel in there..oh is all coming out again. the hog fuel breaks down and wrecks the gravel...the gravel is there to protect the birds from living in (and humans from slipping and falling in) chicken and duck feces fouled up mud. keep dumping biogradable crap on the intentionally placed dry and drainable and easily cleanable surface and it will break down into sludge (just like it did in the last chicken area.) in a few weeks they will have their nice outside grass and soft ground area...just give me some time to grow it and fence it.

so yet again a gentle reminder to both paid and unpaid folks..quit mucking around with my ground areas.
grass is grass...gravel is gravel...hog fuel is hog fuel and sand is sand..each particular surface area here is PLANNED for a is it's own little independent island put there for a particular purpose so leave them alone as i get each area done and let them do what they are supposed to be doing.

i was lucky enough yesterday to rescue one of my bottom fitted bed sheets off of the floor in dusty and lucky's room BEFORE they pooped or peed on it. i got it as far as the house laundry room and then forgot about it. big mistake cuz today it made it to manny's bed and we all know what manny does on his bed...oh yay...that thing ain't never going back on my bed again.

anyway despite some minor irritants...i am not overly annoyed..i have spent the last month feeling upset and frustrated, my angst needs a reprieve. but please everyone think about things before doing them cuz tomorrow i have to haul that hog fuel out and i am now down one much needed fitted kingsized bed sheet.
oh the petty trials and tribulations of living in rescue.

sam can run like the (flabby) wind..i saw this tonight when he chased some poor visiting cat out of our bottom field.

i can't find the advantage so tomorrow i guess i will use revolution, but i need to not be so tired when i titrate out the individual correct doses.

esther seem brighter/perkier tonight so that is good.

can someone please remind me to buy a shorter extension cord cuz this pile at my feet looks trashy and tacky and i keep forgetting.

still looking for a couple of the 2011 tax receipt books....the accountants are stalled on the year end stuff until they all make it down to them.

i spent quite a bit of time tonight peering at the mud down in the bottom that grass seed going to start to sprout or not? has been almost a couple of weeks now and i am getting impatient for an answer. the god or goddess of grass growing damn well ought to know, we have a strict and limited timeline of grass growing opportunity before the whole green grazing grass dream for this year is screwed.

please hurry up and grow!!!!



Brent said there were 3 or 4 smaller extension cords hanging in the barn where the hay is. He says they were hanging up where the rakes hang.


Carol - the best thing for grass is.....llama poop! I have an area that I was hoping to build up into grass & spread llama poop from the barn as a filler (there wasn't any soil of any kind there - didn't even need to seed it and the grass is now lush & gorgeous without having to do anything. So get Carl working for you!!! Just don't spread it where Carl is as mine won't feed where they have pooped but the deer love it.


slow down carol.. it has only been 10 days since the lower field was seeded..if we can get a nice stretch of sunny weather all will be well. I am looking forward to some picnics in the beautiful grass fields down there :-)


Oh Carol I think I have your advantage is that the package taht came in the mail? I came to drop it off the other day but no-one was home and I didn't want to get the dogs all riled up and barking so I left! i will bring it tomorrow morning first thing. I also probably have what the accountant is looking for don't know why they didn't ask me? SORRY!!!!


enjoy your weekend and don't worry, you get a pass this time..i could use some mindless physical activity to de-stress..but no more chicken landscaping improvement ideas...between you and janice and mama duck, you guys are going to drive me insane...i am getting it done slowly but it will get done well so that it looks and feels good for them AND it actually wears well and lasts.

Janette Korabo

Carol, I'll clean the hog fuel out of the chicken coop on Monday. It will be returned to its pristine condition, I promise!