Rescue Journal

i did get the saints list of things to do done...

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2012

minus the hog fuel in the chicken area cuz they voted to keep it...damn. and i never did make it out to see dixie but hopefully i can see her later this week. my personal stuff can wait.

percy has a huge abcess on his flank..double damn cuz emotionally...he really needs a break from medical treatments. charlottes abcess is still not ready for lancing...and why the hell do two of our farm animals have abcesses right now anyway????

i had a great time watching all the dogs playing the park in burnaby favorite was this sweet little 10 month old blue, she was adorable!!! Burgundie and her animal loving crew filled up the van with supply donations plus raised over $1500.00...GREAT WORK you guys!!!

i finally got around to transferring the money out of our paypal account so this week for sure i need to go around and pay our vets.

it was a good weekend..i think all of us were replenished by a couple of nice days in the sun.

thx to all of the weekend volunteers for holding down the fort while i was gone!



it was originally due to lack of space..we moved dixie out to boarding so we had room for flicka who was not in great shape and needed some extra saints style geriatric horse care. when pops died..we again have a stall free and could bring her back home..but she is a young horse and she is getting some training, schooling, life skills and a kind of mental stimulation that we just can not give to a young horse here.

i have been thinking about dix for the past several months trying to decide what is best to do in her best interests. on the surface it seems like we should get her ready to be a human companion and then find her a good home where she will get to work and be ridden with her best human friend. but...i am still struggling with is that really what dixie would like and how much am i willing to risk that 10 or 15 or 20 years from now, she won't be left starving in a field or on a meat truck to slaughter after getting passed around as her riders move on to other bigger, faster, showier horses or other pursuits after finding her another different home, over and over again. life long homes for horses are not all that common.

no one will ever convince me that the vast majority of too old for use horses do not end their lives in very sad places..they are too much work and too much expense to just be standing around doing nothing while catered to every aging need...not many people are committed to 20 or 30 years of expensive and time consuming life long caring.

so i am actually thinking of bringing her home to saints again once all of our fields are re-grown with grass (i need 2 separate field options in case flicka and dixie do not like each other.)
if i do that then there is probably no point in making her learn all about being a good and polite riding horse when once she comes back here, she will totally be free to please herself for the rest of her life.

anyway..i am still sorting all of the pro's and con's out in my head..not sure in the end what i will decide. i want to do what is the best right for her
...but i will have to decide in the next 2 or 3 months.


is there a reason why DIXIE is not at Saints? I thought originally it was a space issue. Will she ever be back?


Yea burgundie !!! Boo for Percy i didnt see anything but noticed he was licking his right flank but figured his sutures were iritating him is that the side of the abscess ?