Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2012

jeez i could just SCREAM!

i have been dicking around in my bedroom for HOURS now..shoving the freaking furniture, here, there, back, forth til i feel like i have been run over by a truck..i am on an advil please kick in break.

under my bed was a giant rancid puddle of pee..what freaking idiot moron crawls on their belly under my bed to take a freaking leak???
and why the hell does griffin have to have a playpen? and why does blind angel's bed have to be under the shelf? and why the freaking heck do smokey and ewok have to lie up against the wall where i am trying to push the freaking heavy kingsized bed?????
why are there giant plastic spa stairs that absolutely have to lead up to the bed? and why do those freaking dogs need so many god damn beds?????
i wish i had never started this..the only part that has given me any real satisfaction was sweeping the cob webs down.

my bedroom looks like a dog zoo and for some reason tonight...that totally irritates me.

i want to go live in a hotel.


jamie bryk

OMG Carol I know what you mean about beds being everywhere. I have cat & dog beds all over the house & when I try to downsize, that is when it is someones most favourite bed in the whole world. Oh well, there are worse things going on.


When is the barn crew's "be carol for 24 hours" going to happpen? sounds like you need a mush deserved vaca!


Hah, I decided to rearrange my bedroom the other night. The difference is that I had to work around 2 malamutes laying on the floor and a cat on the bed............much smaller population than your crew. My foster cat and her 8 kittens are in another room.