Rescue Journal

don't mess with the dogs.

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2012

what i don't get night when i am not around..when phoebe's cocoon fleecy falls off..she doesn't lay there and shiver and suffer. she jumps down to the floor, grabs a new fleece in her mouth and drags it back up to her bed shelf to wrap herself up again. i know she does this because i find the nice floor bed fleeces wrapped around her the next morning and one single floor bed empty of any soft and warm covering.

so why every morning after i just sit down from cleaning up the floors...does the fleece magically unwind itself and she looks at me and whines so pathetically to please come rewrap her fleece around her cuz it has misplaced itself and she is suddenly cold?

and here is the thing about phoebe...she is not built to be put on ignore...either give her what she wants when she wants it or suffer a phoebe fit FOREVER til you do finally fix it...phoebe is not a quitter, she keeps at it til she finally scores.

well..i kept at 'er in my room until after midnight. by the time i went to bed it was clean, tidy and re-organized. and i am not satisfied. the way i had it set up before worked better for the dogs so either i fix what isn't working or i put it all back again.
so today i have to decide if i want to shove all of that heavy shit around again or live with the dogs discontent.

it sucks when the animals are the bosses....people think i am a control freak? they should try living with all of them!

i know some of you are thinking...the dogs will get used to it. maybe..or maybe not...and if they don't? what is the cost? if they don't like something it unsettles them..if they are unsettled, they don't sleep so much..if they are not sleeping, then they are awake...peeing, pooping, snarking at each other and fussing at becomes a lot more work.

i think today i will put it all back again, better safe than least everything is clean underneath.

yay....(sort of.)



ok but pinky is being an ass with her...barking in her face and startling her. she said to tell you, she would REALLY like to go home!
but she is major melt down just not too happy to be stuck here and wondering where you are.


Phoebe sounds like such a diva. Does she wear a dog t-shirt or sweater to bed? Would that help or does it have to be her blanket?