Rescue Journal

the gift....

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2012

many of the animals here have had pretty damn crappy lives. year after year they were discounted, de-valuated and pushed aside. they were things without hearts, without spirits, without souls..they were the victims of humans wants, needs, and ever changing moods.

some suffered violence, some suffered neglect...all of them suffered betrayal and broken promises.

when they were old and broken, sick with sad hearts, mixed up minds,
and rotten teeth, homely with matts and dirt and cloudy eyes..they finally made it to shelter care when they were too wrecked to find a new and more caring family.

and these survivors, these animals, who are still here... despite lifetimes of heartache and challenges, who have proven incredible personal strength and amazing abilities to forgive...join the ranks of the unadoptables and their time left is suddenly limited.

if lady luck has pity for them...maybe they get one more chance for that elusive happy life...maybe they can come to a place like saints for a little more time.

and while not likely and against some pretty big odds..maybe one day, someone will care enough to put their own personal fears, wants and needs aside and take them home..worn out, beat up, sick and old and love them with all of their hearts.

it happened for bruiser, it has happened for others..maybe one day it will happen again for the ones who are still patiently waiting for that magical and elusive gift near the end of their lives.



I too Love my little Pal Pat & we have become very good buddies. He has been a great addition to my life & I would like to think/ hope that he feels the same


i know how dawn feels you want to give them more because they so deserve it. i worry about bambi, i know she is happy but i think i overthink it. she will go off by herself downstairs to lay by the fireplace and i will think is she not happy does she not want to be upstairs with us. then i think she obviously wants to go down there for some down time and will come up when she feels like it or we will go join her. she really likes to spend time in the quiet and peace of the rec room.who am i to tell her that she cant. i also forget how old she really is and most likely feels it at times. but i am so glad i could give her a forever home because she really is a very good girl and deserves it, as they all do at saints. i wish more people waould open their hearts to the old and mostely very sweet animals that would make someone a great and loving companion. i would never go back to having a puppy, i sometimes miss the funny antics of puppies, but can go up to saints and visit mystic. lol


this is the saddest thing you have written in quite a while. it made me weep.

Carol Ann

I too have never regretted opening my heart and home to all of these old wrecked dogs. I'm amazed that a couple of them are still here. Maybe they are hanging on as long as possible cause they are finally content. Thank God for Saints for rescuing them in the first place.


I have loved everyone of of my fosters with all my heart could give and yet still think they deserved more. I am truly blessed to be in a position to be a part of Saints and have the opportunity to give them one last forever home.

Over the past few weeks I have seen Trudy change into a fabulous little dog full of personality, she's put on some weight and gained a deserved diva attitude. She plays, runs and jumps and I am loving every minute of it.

My hope is that one day people will value our seniors, human and animal.